How to check and avoid HeartBleed bug on Android Smartphone

Being an active internet user you might be aware of the term Heartbleed bug attack. It is one of the latest and unique bugs of its class that is currently in buzz for so many days now. It is a serious bug that can affect your websites, smartphones in a very bad manner. Let me define some basic things about Heartbleed bug. This bug has arrived from OpenSSL base. They were trying to fix some security asset with their codes but unfortunately some of their important/secret keys got stolen and it gave birth to this serious HeartBleed bug.

This bug can make serious impact on all sort of traffic that includes names, password and other personal information of the users. At first it was assumed that it will affect websites only but unfortunately now it world kwon fact that it can affect smartphones too. As of now no particular fix is developed for this dangerous bug and it will take some time (may be few weeks or months even) to researchers for coming out with particular affective fix.

However researchers team has developed an algorithm that can check whether your smartphone is affected by HeartBleed bug or not. This algorithm doesn’t fix it in any manner it will juts check the OpenSSL version and based on version read it will output information about whether your device has got a hit or not.

Check HeartBleed effect on your smartphone

This can be checked by installing one simple app from Google Play Store. This app is suitable for all Android versions and is available free of cost. Just visit Play Store and download “Heartbleed Detector” application. It can be installed like any other normal app. You will be guided by onscreen instructions so no need of tutorial here.

Some tips for avoiding HeartBleed Bug

As said above, as of now there is no particular fix for avoiding or tackling HB bug but you can very probably avoid it by deactivating internet on your smartphone. I know it is not an easy thing as we need to access internet most of the time (be it for study or social networking or for some work).

I will suggest you to download and check your smartphone status against HB bug. In case your phone is affected then please stop accessing internet on your smartphone completely. If your smartphone is not affected by the HB bug then please make sure to access minimum internet on your smartphone (until developers come up with some powerful solution).

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