How to Clean & Repair Penn Reels

Since it first started operating in Philadelphia in 1932, the Penn Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company has made thousands of Penn reels. Just like any other fishing reel, performance will depend on how often and well the reel is serviced and cleaned in parts such as the faceplate and handle. The company has created a service center, where its consumers can take their reels for repair and also purchase accessories and parts for the same. To improve the reeling performance, it is advisable to clean your Penn reel regularly.

Things you need after Clean & Repair Penn Reels

For the cleaning process to be effective, you will need to gather a few things. You can purchase the Ardent Reel Care 3 Step Pack for Complete Fishing Reel Maintenance .

It will include:

  • Soft cotton cloth
  • Air pump
  • Bucket
  • Detergent
  • Water

The cleaning process is not very challenging as long as you have a guideline to direct you.

Step 1

Begin by unscrewing the metal straps which hold the reel to your fishing rod. It can be done by using a screwdriver and the process is quite easy. After loosening the straps, remove the reel from the rod.

Step 2

Use soapy, warm water to clean the surface of the reel. Now rinse the real and soak it for at least quarter of an hour. This will ensure a salt water residue, debris and dirt is removed. It is crucial to allow enough time, preferably an hour, for all deposits and dirt to lift from the reel’s surface. Finish by drying with a clean, soft cotton cloth.

Step 3

To remove the Penn reel handle from the reel, turn it counterclockwise. In some cases, there may be a screw that you have to remove to complete the task. Put the handle to the side if it is damaged. A damaged handle cannot be repaired. The only solution would be replacing it and assembling the new handle in its place.

Step 4

The faceplate is held in place by some screws. Remove them and use an air pump to remove and / or dislodge any dirt that may be lodged beneath the faceplate. Alternatively, you can also use a cotton cloth or cotton swab to clean off any dirt that may be on the reel. A damaged faceplate cannot be repaired, but it can be replaced by a similar one. Replacement can also be done on stripped screws.

Step 5

Use reel grease to lubricate your Penn reel. Each gear and movable part should have a drop of grease applied. Finish by reversing your steps to reassemble the reel and attach the same to your rod.

Warnings & Tips Clean & Repair Penn Reels

  • When greasing, do not use normal grease. Use reel grease instead, and preferably the types recommended by Penn
  • If you want to experience optimum reeling, maintain a clean Penn reel
  • Sometimes you may find that you lack the time or the skills needed to do the maintenance on your own. In such a scenario, you should opt to use the service of a reputable reel repair and service professional. Alternatively, you can take your reel to any Penn service store near you