How to Configure TP-LINK N Router as a Wireless Access Point

The article is based on the condition that you already have a router and only want TP-LINK router to extend the wireless network range via a LAN cable. We don’t need WAN port on the TP-LINK router in this network.

Step 1
Connect your computer to anther LAN port through Ethernet cable, then login to TP-LINK web interface through the IP address on the bottom label by the following tips:

Step 2


Go to Network ->LAN on the left side menu,change the LAN IP address of TP-LINK router to the same segment of the main router.( For example, if your main router gets the IP address of, 192.168.2.X (1<X<254) is recommended for TP-LINK router.)

After that, it would require a Reboot. Please click OK to reboot and then relogin to TP-LINK page with the new IP address

Step 3


Configure the wireless
Go to Wireless->Wireless Settings page, configure the SSID (Network name) and Channel. (If it is a dual band device, please don’t forget to select the Band.) Click Save button.
Go to Wireless->Wireless Security page, configure the wireless security. Here WPA-PSK/AES is recommended. PSK Password is the key of your wireless.
Step 4
Go to DHCP on the left side menu, disable the DHCP Server and click Save button.
Step 5

Go to System Tools->Reboot page, click Reboot button to reboot the device.


Step 6
Connect the main router to the LAN port on TP-Link router through Ethernet cable.

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