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How to Delete All Tweets At Once from Your Twitter Account

If you are a tweetddict, then it is common that you will tweet more than once in a day and there may be thousands of tweets in your twitter account which are actually made by you. These tweetddicts, sometimes may want to delete all the tweets in there twitter account and want to start it brand newly but sadly twitter simply wont allow you to delete all the tweets at one.

So to face that, I just found a way to do it simply and easily. To mass delete all your tweets at once, all you have to do is to use one of the free services below.

I haven’t used all the services but TwitWipe, The journey to delete all the tweets is real simple… All you have to do is to grant full access of your twitter account to TwitWipe, you can do this  by simply pressing the sign in button in their website and it will redirect you to twitter, here enter your credentials press sign in button and now press authorize app button too. Doing this will redirect you to TwitWipe site where you can see option like “Start Wiping” which will remove all your tweets.

“DeleteAllMyTweets” service is also same as the above one and also have a nice minimal UI which is loved by everyone.

From this action you can start your twitter account from scratch without losing any of your twitter followers. So are you willing to commit tweeticide.

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