How to Delete Your All Search History (My Activity)

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Today we will learn :

How to erase all search history or my action

However, as a matter of first importance we will find out about what is my action

What is My Activity

My Activity is a focal place to see and oversee action like quests you’ve done, sites you’ve gone by, and recordings you’ve viewed.

How action functions

When you utilize certain Google administrations, similar to Search, YouTube, or Chrome, your action can be spared as information to your record.

Step by step instructions to erase your everything look history or my movement

  1. open any browser and search my activity
  2. Then click the welcome to my activity link
  3. If you delete one by one item click here
  4. If you want to delete all search history in just one click : Go to My Activity.
  5. You may need to sign in to your Google Account.
  6. Discover the thing you need to erase, , pick More , then Delete.
  7. Affirm your decision if inquired.
  8. See your full web history
  9. Your History page demonstrates the sites you’ve gone by on Chrome over the most recent 90 days. It doesn’t store pages from secure sites, pages you’ve gone to in Incognito mode, or pages you’ve just erased from your perusing history.
  10. On your PC, open Chrome.
  11. At the upper right, click More .Click History
  12. On the left, click Clear perusing information. A crate will show up.
  13. Starting from the drop menu, select how much history you need to erase. To clear everything, select the start of time. Check the crates for the data you need Chrome to clear, including “perusing history.”
  14. Click Clear perusing information.

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