How to Fix vprot.exe error on start-up: Remove from Task Manager

vprot exe

During the course of using a Windows PC, you will come across many system errors, and the simple ways to fix them. But there are certain errors that you might not be aware of and the ways how to fix them. One such error is the vprot.exe error. Most of us aren’t aware of this executable file, why this error occurs, and how to fix it. We have created a complete guide to detail you about the error and the steps you can follow to fix it. Before trying to fix vprot.exe error, you should first know what exactly vprot.exe file is.

What is vprot.exe?

Vprot.exe is a common name for the Vprotect application, and it certainly isn’t a virus. Instead, it is installed as a part of the AVG antivirus software, and loads during the Windows booting process. If there is any issue, such as program not properly installed/uninstalled, corrupt or defective drivers, corrupt Windows registry, missing vprot.exe file, and presence of virus or malware in your computer, the vprot.exe failed error appears.

vprot exe

Because of these errors, you might be seeing that error message. As soon as the error appears, you should immediately fix it to avoid any further problems. Below mentioned are the steps using which you can effectively and very easily.

Before fixing vprot.exe error in Windows computer, that is a part of AVG search tool, you need to first figure out if it belongs to the AVG software or not. For this, first open the task manager and head to the ‘Processes’ tab. There you need to find the vprot.exe file. Right click on that file and select ‘Open File Location’ from the menu.

A new window will appear; there you will find the vprot file. Now right click on that file and click on ‘properties’, and check the ‘Digital Signatures’ tab. This way you can figure out if the file belongs to AVG or not. If it is a part of installation of AVG, then it is quite safe to continue its usage. And if it isn’t AVG’s software then you can make use of the following steps to remove vprot.exe from task manager.

Steps to Fix vprot.exe Error on Start-up:

If you want to permanently remove and stop the vprotect application on startup, then you need to completely uninstall the AVG Toolbar from your computer. This will completely fix vprot.exe error. Now you have to click on the Start Menu and go to the Control Panel. When you are in, head to the ‘Programs’, and then select ‘Programs and Features’.

From the list of all the installed AVG Security Toolbar, then you have to click on it and then click on ‘Uninstall/Change’. This will completely uninstall the AVG software, will ultimately fix the vprotect application on startup. If you have followed the steps properly, then you must have been able to fix vprot.exe error.

This is the simplest way using which you can completely remove and fix vprot.exe error from your Windows PC. But you must take care that all the steps are very crucial to effectively clear your system, otherwise the error can appear again.

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