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• Facebook has recently announced their newest feature known as Graph Search. Facebook Graph Search is a Facebook search where you can search for information related to friends, people, photos, areas of interests and places. For eg. You can search for “My friends living in London” or “Places My Friend has visited”. This will not really replace your Google search because of few reasons .

So we all are already excited about this new feature but not many can still access it. So how do we get the Facebook Graph Search to show up on our Facebook accounts? This feature is not made public so it is not yet available. But, you can be one of those lucky few to get the Facebook Graph Search before your friends. Sounds exciting? This is what you need to do:

As you can see, the beta invite is only available for “English (US)” so make sure that you have English (US) as your language under your Facebook account settings. So if Mark Zuckerberg likes you, you will get the feature right on your Facebook account.

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