What Station Are Your Prospects Tuned To? What’s In It For Me?

The internet works in two distinct and yet separate ways for business owners.

The first way is to connect to the people you know, and have done business with, so you can be the facilitator of a like minded community of followers who share ideas and conversation. Blogging and social media are the two primary vehicles which are used for this part of your internet strategy.

The second way is to connect with people you “don’t already know” who are out there right this second searching for the products and services you have to offer.

Although both are important to your business, I believe the second should be a higher priority because it keeps your prospect pipeline full of potential customers which equates to new stream of revenue.

But, there’s a problem.

In one word you could describe it as a “disconnect”.

Here’s what happens: Some opens their browser and types in a search term for something they are interested in learning about and buying. In an instant they get a list of websites to visit. They click on a link (let’s say to your website) and what do they see?

Typically, (49 out of 50 times) they see absolute nothing that is of benefit to them and within 3 to 5 seconds they are gone!

How could that be you say? Search engines (in particular Google) are really good at providing relevant information in relation to the search term typed in. How could the visitor be turned off so fast when they reach website?

Are You Making This Mistake with Your Website?
The mistake I see 49 out of 50 business owners make with the content of their website is they do not instantaneously convey the benefits the visitor will get by doing business with them.

Face it, everybody (you and I included) is tuned to one radio station: WIIFM

Which stands for: What’s In It For Me

how to get more sales

When it comes to buying a product or service, you, me and everyone else will ONLY lay down our hard earned cash for one reason, and one reason only: The benefit that product or service gives us.

Think of it like this: Why would you spend $7,000.00 (or more) to put a new roof on your house?

Is it because you have a great attraction to shingles, nails and tar paper?

I don’t think so!

It’s because you want to be “protected” and you want to feel “safe and secure”! You want the benefit of the shingles, nails and tar paper.

So, when someone searches for you online and they find your website, what message do you want to convey to them? Do you want to tell them all about you, and how much you love your business, and why you started it, and where you went to school, et cetera?

Or, do you want to talk about how your products and services will benefit them?

If you are looking to meet new prospects via the internet and convert some of them into paying customers on a regularly basis, then you had better be talking about the latter FIRST.

Talk Directly to the People Most Likely to do Business With You!
I’m going to blunt here, so forgive me if this next part sounds harsh.

If your website leads off with “We’ve been in business for xxx years” or “Customer Service is our number one priority” or “Our mission is…” then you are losing potential customers faster than you know.

Don’t misunderstand this concept, it’s not that your mission and credentials aren’t important – they truly are! But what you have to realize is, they are not a direct benefit to the visitor and will not keep them interested in what you have to offer and on your website.

You goal should be to engage the visitor the instant they get to your site, and the way you do that is by FIRST telling them the benefits they will get from your products and services

I can promise you, if you are leading off with your story or mission, you are missing out on revenue because you are not immediately showing the prospect “What Is In It for Them”.

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