How to Install Autocad Without Autodesk 360

If you want to install autocad without autodesk 360 then learn learn here how to do it in few steps.

AutoCAD and Autodesk 360 are like conjoined twins that are sometime really hard to insulate. Many users fail the attempt of uninstalling AutoCAD from the computer after installing Autodesk 360 when they notice their screen appear blank or dysfunctional. However, if you are already running on AutoCAD and wish to install AutoCAD 2014 without Autodesk 360, then here are some functionally proven methods to follow.

Method 1: Uninstall Autodesk 360

This is going to be the simplest and the most attended method for AutoCAD 2014 installation. This method works not for all, however try it and you might get lucky! Firstly install AutoCAD 2014 while you keep Autodesk in your computer after successful installation and running of AutoCAD, go to Control panel and then uninstall Autodesk 360. This usually works but the probability of success is very less in many cases. If an empty screen appears or the home buttons turn dysfunctional then this attempt to remove Autodesk 360 is a mere failure.

Method 2: Prevent Autodesk 360 Installation

In this method, you can actually prevent Autodesk 360 installation while installing AutoCAD 2014. For this you may need a hard drive first.

Install AutoCAD 2014 in a hard drive or a flash drive. Now locate the setup file and open it in a notepad. The next step is to delete Autodesk 360 and remove ACADSKETCHUPIMPORT from the list of files that just got installed. This is the safest way of installing AutoCAD 2014 without any need to install Autodesk 360.

Method 3: Simple Edit in the Setup

This is the most recommended method used for installing AutoCAD 2014 without any need to install Autodesk 360. This method works well if you are an active AutoCAD 2013 user and now switching to AutoCAD 2014. Sometimes having both AutoCAD 2013 and 2014 together works but it is actually waste of system space hence avoiding having both version of the software.

Here is a step-by-step instruction:

  1. Uninstall AutoCAD 2013 first and then restart your system

  2. Copy AutoCAD 2014 to a hard Drive and then install it.

  3. Now deploy the Autodesk 360 file easily with the help of a simple alteration made in the steup.ini file.

  4. Locate setup.ini file from the set of files copied to the hard disk.

  5. Open the setup;-ini file and find the line POSTREQUISITE=ACAD_PSPACK;ADSYNC;ACADSKETCHUPIMPORT

  6. Now remove letters ADSYNC from this line so that it appears like


That’s all! Now Autodesk 360 is successfully removed from the installation package of AutoCAD 2014. This process does not affect the other installation processes of AutoCAD 2014. The usual occurrence of blank screen or disabled buttons on the home screen is also avoided. All other features of AutoCAD 2014 along with special buttons and regular upgrades get installed now.

One thing you have to be watchful is to repeat the same procedure when you update your AutoCAD 2014 or reinstall it. While updating also first download the upgraded software and then follow the above mentioned procedures to ensure that Autodesk 360 is not installed every time.

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