How to Join Careem in Pakistan Bike Car Registration Requirement

I am going to tell you that how you can join the Careem bike and Car as a captain in Pakistan. Not only this I will properly guide you the requirement and registration method and how much you can earn and how to work with Careem taxi service in Pakistan.

As we all know that Careem is the most popular growing network in Pakistan and in other countries. This is the best way of connection between the passengers and drivers. Let’s read the full details of full discussions and know all the answers of your questions regarding Registration and Requirements in Pakistan.

Careem Full Guideline in Pakistan

How to apply for Captain in Careem?

  • Copy this link and paste in your new window,, read all information carefully and fill the form to become a captain.
  • In Careem Booking app you just need to click on “Become a Captain”.
  • You must have to know one of your friends as refer to join.
  • Visit your nearest Careem office in your city and follow their instrations.
  • Download your Captain Careem App “ADMA” from play store and sign up.
  • Within two or three days for reviewing your application you will have the invitation for captain training.
  • After training completion, you can immediately start riding and earn money.

What are the documents required to Join Careem as a Captain?

There is no high number of documents required as like government activities. You just need the following Documents,

  • Valid Driving License.
  • National ID card.
  • Vehicle Registration Documents.
  • Recent Picture.
  • Insurance in Pakistan.

How to Download Careem Captain App / Application?

You can easily download the Careem Captain App in your Google Play store by searching the “ADMA”. This app is only available in Android mobile, be careful the iPhone users because this is not available in IOS. The best devices to use this app in a good ways are. Samsung, HTC, and Sony Mobiles.

What are the Car Categories in Careem?

There are four types of Categories that you can select for ride for short or long journey.

  • Business
  • GO
  • GO+
  • Tezz

What are the Registration Requirements for Bike / Motorcycle in Careem?

  • Your Motorcycle Make and Model Year must above 2016.
  • Headlight and Backlight must be in working condition.
  • Footrest for passengers in good standing.
  • Complete brakes are in full working condition also the clutch and bike is smooth and working.
  • Exhaust and Silencer in working condition not much noisy.

How much you can earn with Bike and Car in Careem?

Well there are many packages in both categories Bike and Cars now here is the question that how much you can earn with bike and how much you can earn with Cars.

Well Bike captains have several packages, if ride full day and you have your own bike you can earn 20,000/- to 30,000/- per month (Approximately)

same like that if you drive car in Careem full day you can earn 30,000/- to 45,000/- per month (Approximately).

But there are also many packages for full day and part time jobs. The company is also giving the guarantee and bonuses but you must read all the terms and condition on company website or you can visit the Careem office in you city for more information.