How to Link Windows Live Writer to Your Blogs

Windows live writer is a Microsoft tool for writing blogs and formatting and providing layout of your choice and it provide an ease to writing and designing.It looks very similar to Microsoft word and a blogger easily can get used to it with an ease. It provides most of the features of word.  Users will not have any kind of difficulty working on it as we all are very familiar to Microsoft Word.

First step is to install Live Writer:

  • If you don’t have live writer installed in your operating system, go to google and type ‘download live writer’.

  • Click on first link and you will be redirected to microsoft official website. Select language and download it.When you are done with installing, there is need to link it with your blog.

Link your live writer with your blog:

  • Open live writer and configure window opens as shown below.
  • After clicking next ,a window appears asking to fill the type of service you are using for blogging like wordpress, blogger etc. Choose your service and click next.
  • A window appears asking you to fill your blog url and username and password of the account to which your blog is associated.If password is not taken , generate your application specific password and place there and click next.
  • After clicking next it setup your blog.

  • Finally it setup your blog and show your blog title in the name field.

Get started with  your Live writer:

Now your live writer is linked with your blog and you can start creating your blog even in offline mode and save as draft.When you are done with writing ,you can post draft to blog as well as publish to blog. Enjoy writing blog and have fun!!!!!!. Please write to us if you have any problem or queries related to post and do take part in tech discussion.

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