How to Make a Gig on Fiverr and Earn Money

The advancement of the technology makes it possible for people to work from home. Today, more and more people prefer to work online because of the flexibility and convenience that this setup offers. Besides that, online jobs are lucrative. If you are interested to try your luck in online jobs, Fiverr might be one of those platforms that you should check out.

What is Fiverr?


Fiverr is a platform that allows you to offer your services which is called as gigs. You can get between $5 and $100 per sale depending on your gig. If your gig is unique, you can get a higher payment. However, the catch is that Fiverr takes a portion of your earnings. If your gig pays you $5, Fiverr will get $1.

How to get started with Fiverr


Fiverr is free where anyone can sign up without any obligation. You can even join using your existing Facebook account. Once you complete the sign up process, verify your email account to avoid spamming.

After verifying, you are then redirected to your profile page which consists of both account and public profile settings. Make sure your profile is comprehensive. Write your skills and work experience where you can get a gig in the SOME THING ABOUT YOU section.

Now its the time to think about how to make a Gig on Fiverr and earn money. For this, simply explore and see some gigs of top rated sellers then evaluate yourself. What skill set you have, keep in mind that on Fiverr, there are unlimited opportunities.

You can offer your services my making more than one gigs. Suppose you are very good writer and have great knowledge of SEO, then you can make one of writing and two to three gigs on SEO. It’s up to you how you think and manage it. It’s really great place for earning good money by having one or more than one skills.

Creating Gig

fiverr2Once you complete your personal profile, it is now time for you to create your first gig.

  •   Click the START SELLING link on top right side of the page.
  •   You will then see a new window and click on CREATE A GIG.
  •   For Gig Title, select/create a title for your gig of maximum 80 char long.
  •   Make your title unique as much as possible and select category that best fit for your gig.
  •   Choose the appropriate category for your gig. GIG GALLERY is where you upload related to your gig.
  •   You can upload the samples of your work in the image format to entice customers.
  •   Adding tags that will match the title where you can find keywords from Fiverr itself.
  •   Set maximum time period needed to complete your work.
  •   For the INSTRUCTION FOR BUYERS, this is where you put the needed requirement necessary to complete your work.

 Tips to Remember

fiverr3 The key to make money faster is to offer a gig that can be completed fast, probably as fast as 5 minutes. This type of Gig is known as Express Gig. Once you gain a good reputation, your gigs would pile up where you can fulfill your plenty of orders.

Promoting Gig

Since the URL profile on Fiverr is searchable by search engines, make sure to include keywords associated to your gigs. Apart from that, you can also write and submit a Press Release to inform the people of your new gigs.

You can also use the power of social media to promote your gigs or come up with controversial stories that would be perfect in Reddit and Digg to attract traffic on your gigs. Using videos and advertisements will also help in promoting your gig.

First Order:

fiverr4Once you get first order on your Gig, your earning is started. Deliver the satisfactory report to your client so that he/she could leave good feedback with comment.

Your feedback from clients always speaks about your skills, knowledge and good work. Normally other people see buyer’s Score, feedback and then place order.

Target Should be to become Top Rated Seller



This is not the end here that you got your first order, now you have to think and concentrate on achieving the levels with 100% feedback and your ultimate goal should be to become Top rated seller and give boost to your income.

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