How to Make a Viral YouTube Video

alyYouTube is  the place where everyone goes to see some trailers, educational videos, humorous videos and many other. Currently there are millions of videos on YouTube but the main thing is that how your video can stand apart from other videos. Some channels like Smosh, GunVsGun are getting huge amount of views on every video they make and now we will tell you how you can get the same but we would not be telling you any hack or trick but some guidelines by which you can make a viral YouTube video.

Choosing the right YouTube videos category

Whenever you make a video it is divided into two parts- Informative and Entertainment. Videos like tutorials sits in the Informative Category whereas the videos like fictional videos, music videos sit in the Entertainment category.

I personally feel that if you are going to create a Video then make it in Entertainment category as compared to Informative category because there are already lots of popular video in Informative category like tutorials which are made by the people who are perfect on that particular topic.

If you want to make an informative video then make sure that you have perfection on the particular topic and have something more to tell to the people who watch it so people will watch it.

Using a weird name for video

Usually while making video people put a simple name for their video but that doesn’t get any views because people get to know that what video would be containing in that video and they judge the video just by its name!

You should always use a weird name specially which will confuse people and make them open your video to know what exactly the video is. Other than this the video name should contain some adult words in a twisted way even though the video doesn’t contains any adult elements but still it will make people excited to see your video but make sure that the title you use is relevant.

Some Examples are-> PEN15 club, Stop that! etc. Using these type of names will make people see your video that what you were actually talking about to stop. This trick works every time and most of the channel use this.

Adding Annotation and Captions

Annotation and caption play a huge role in getting subscribers and more likes, usually people add Annotations saying “Please Like My Video”, “Please Subscribe Me!” etc. But this is not the correct way as this is considered as begging!

I am not saying that this way is not good but using this way less people are attracted instead of this you should add annotations like this- ‘Hit Like button if you think this scene was better than Justin Bieber songs!’ or ‘Subscribe to me if you hate twilight!’ Annotations like this have a great impact on viewers and they dramatically do what you asked them!

Fill Humor In It

These days everyone has tension, a lot of tension of work, money etc. and to get relaxed from that tension people open YouTube for some fun and humor. That is why it is suggested to add some humor in the video, No matter what kind of video it is, you can still crack some jokes and make it a little funny.

And if you are going to make a Humorous video then surely you are going to be somewhere in the top YouTube channels!

That’s all for today and I hope that these tips will make your day and place you in the top YouTube channels and if you reach there, I won’t mind getting a thanks!