How to Make Money Designing Custom WordPress Themes

How to Make Money Designing WordPress Themes

Blogging has become very popular nowadays and one of the leading web blogging platforms is WordPress. The reason for this is that WordPress is so easy to navigate, you can immediately start blogging as soon as you install it.

WordPress is easy to use, practically anyone can do it, whether they have advance programming skills or are neophytes online. Another big bonus is that it is a free to install and use for your site.

Monetize WordPress Blog

While some people blog as a hobby, many have found that they can monetize their WordPress blog with their personal domain name and hosting facility. And with plenty of people out there doing this day in and day out, there will always be those who want to personalize their blogs to make it different from the rest. Others may want to revamp or enhance it to benefit their online business, or even start a new one.

Bloggers can customize and personalize their WordPress blogs with a new theme that reflects the topic of their site and even their personality.  To make their WordPress blog truly stand out from among the thousands, if not millions, of blogs out there, getting a custom WordPress theme can be the answer.  Basic and custom WordPress themes can make blogs look great and bring its design to a whole new level.

Create New Custom WordPress Themes

While WordPress itself has some themes that its users can apply to their sites, chances are these have been used by other people in an undetermined number of times.  It could also be that the themes are not in keeping with their topics, or simply do not appeal to them.  And while they can develop their own themes, they may lack the creativity and skill to do so.

If you are keen on designing WordPress themes, this is where you come in.  Be one of those people who make money designing and building basic and custom WordPress themes.  To do this, you need to have an eye for style and the creativity and skill for design.

Some know-how on HTML and CSS is a big advantage, as well as a working knowledge of WordPress, especially if you already have a WordPress blog where you can showcase your skill and creativity through your site’s theme.

Advertise your Design Services and Create a Portfolio

You need to have your own website from which potential clients can find you online and where you can showcase the different themes you have created for clients/bloggers to choose from in a portfolio. You earn money by offering bloggers a wide range of styles and designs they can select from, and charge them a fee for downloading and using any of your created themes.

Build up your stock of basic themes to a dozen or so and continue to develop more themes when you launch your website. For the general market, you can offer basic themes that anyone can download and pay you for it.

Offer Customized Specialty WordPress Themes

But for those who want a unique, one-off design, especially those in the niche market, you can offer custom WordPress themes to help them achieve their goal of having their own unique look that cannot be found on other sites. It goes without saying that this can fetch you a bigger amount of money, and to make more money, you can later specialize in building custom WordPress themes instead of just the basic themes.

Describe the themes you develop using relevant keywords as these will bring more traffic to your site. You can also create more sites for different categories, allowing you to reach a wider market and helping you make more money with your WordPress themes.

Launch your WordPress Theme Design Website

Before launching your website, test each theme to ensure there are no errors or glitches in it. This helps to avoid customer complaints and possible refunds, and protects your reputation as a reliable designer of WordPress themes.

To get a bigger chance of selling your designs on your website, do some research using keyword tools and find areas of interests that you can base your themes on.  Search for theme types that are popular and in demand. Go for diverse topics to make your design appealing to a wide base of clients, including novice bloggers and those engaged in different niches.

Initially offer your themes at an affordable rate, and slowly build up your rates as you gain more experience and more clients.  Develop more intricate and fascinating themes that can fetch a higher price.

Come up with a price based on the amount of time and work you put into building the themes, considering at the same time current market rates to make your prices competitive.

Soon you will have an up and running website that makes money selling WordPress themes. While enjoying the fruits of your labor, continue to be vigilant about taking care of your business by enhancing your skills and creativity, and developing more custom WordPress themes which you can sell for a premium.  This way you can be assured of a good stream of income for a long time to come…

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