How to Make Your Business Mobile

Why Go Mobile

With more people using their mobile devices to access the internet than computers now, there is more reason for businesses to stop using Windows XP for everything and catch up with the crowd. In 2010, Morgan Stanley predicted this would happen within the next 5 years. Suprisingly, it happened even sooner than that! The numbers showed that as of January, there are now more people online using mobile devices than their computers.

Here’s another one for you. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? A recent study funded by Facebook said that 4/5 smartphone owners check their phone within 15 minutes of waking up. 80% of those people do it first thing when they wake up.

So, what does this mean for business owners? You’ve gotta get on the bandwagon! Not only are your customers on their mobile devices, but so are your employees. There are many ways to take advantage of the mobile movement, and they depend on your type of business and your budget. A traditional mobile app may not be the best choice for you. I will show you some ways you can go mobile for cheap, and maybe even for free!

Mobile Web Optimization

First, have you checked to see what your website looks like on a phone or ipad? If not, give it a try.  A mobile-optimized webpage is essential if you want people to use your website with their mobile devices.  Mobile-optimized design is often called “responsive” web design. It will “respond” to the device that is requesting the webpage, and adjust the layout of the page accordingly. For example, shrink the browser window and notice how this article shrinks to a “responsive” layout that is easy to read. In many cases, this can be a relatively simple change to make, and will usually cost 10 times less than making a full blown mobile app.

Mobile Web Apps

Did you know you can host a “mobile app” right on your website? Well, it’s actually called a web app. A web app is any application or software that runs in a browser window. Did you know you can run Excel in Chrome browser? Click the image to the left to try it out! Other examples include Gmail, Youtube, and Facebook. But, as you’ve noticed there is also an app for Gmail, Facebook, and Youtube. Why? You get more features! Try them out on your phone!

Native Mobile Apps

A native app runs on your device, which doesn’t necessarily have to be connected to the internet like web apps. Given these other options, why would you do a mobile app? Well, you have more features and are more connected to their mobile device.

You can send push notifications to alert them of deals or coupons, you can use all the features of their device like the GPS, vibrator, and camera, and it can be used offline! Now, many apps are hybrid apps meaning they also use the internet. Take Ebay’s app, how does it get all the latest items for sale? It is connected to it’s online databases via internet. Purely native apps run faster because your not bogged down with internet latency. You do, however, get the marketing of the app stores, and the marketing is a little different for a native app. But, there are potential for great returns, which I will be discussing in another article.

How To Fund it

We are happy to help you figure out how to tap into the mobile market, and how it can help your business make money. Wasatch Techies might be interested in partnering with your company, which could help you fund a mobile project with lower or no upfront costs. Also don’t miss our promotional $500 credit to the first 5 customers! For more information, send us a message to the left and stay tuned for more articles about internet and mobile marketing!