How to Master the Mind – Importance of Controlling Your Thoughts

Figuring out how to master the mind is one of the most important concepts in the entire world.  If we’re not careful and disciplined, the mind can run amuck on us and wreak havoc.

Sometimes our emotions are running rampant and in our own eyes, we can’t see the positive or the good in the situation.  Sometimes, during our struggles and pains, it is really difficult to understand what is happening or to see the bigger picture.

One of my mentors used to say that the reason we all need coaches is because often times, we’re so deeply ingrained in our issues that we can’t see the bigger picture.  In short, we’re stuck INSIDE THE BOX and the instructions are on the outside.  The only person who can read it, see the bigger picture, or make sense of it is somebody looking in from the outside.

During a conversation with my friend who was going through a tough time, we went through a series of steps and exercises to help him out.  They included everything from:

1) Listening to what was happening and letting him know that he was being heard.

2) Understanding the series of events that had occurred and providing a break down and analysis of what had happened.

3) Addressing the negative thoughts that were whirling in his mind and cutting them off completely.  (These negative thoughts are like weeds.  If you don’t pluck them out immediately little by little, eventually they’ll take over the entire garden, “your mind” and slowly bring you down.)

4) Replacing the negative thoughts with positive thoughts and reframing things in a positive light.  (One of the quickest ways to counter a negative thought is to replace it with a positive one.  There are a bunch of other strategies that can be used as well, but those strategies are for another day.)

5) Getting him out of scarcity mode and into abundance mode.

More importantly though, in addition to some of the things I mentioned above, in order to learn how to master the mind, it’s critical to practice a series of exercises on a DAILY basis to train the mind.  These exercises take time and discipline.  Like anything, without practice, it’s impossible to achieve mastery, ESPECIALLY of the mind.

Learn how to master the mind and you will learn how to achieve happiness.

Throughout my journey in life and helping coach others to make improvements in their lives, I’ve come to realize that the limiting factor is ALWAYS the mind.  The mind can play tricks on us.  Did you know that we have more negative thoughts than positive?  Did you know that often, the news that we’re surrounded with is negative as well?

With all this ‘negative’ stuff happening, we’re always in a reactive state where outside forces determine how we think and feel on the inside.  If we’re not careful and made aware of this, we can live our lives at the mercy of the events that occur around us, positive or negative.

With that, I encourage you to start becoming more aware of some of the thoughts that are going through your own head.  Throughout the day, if you “catch” yourself with negative thoughts, cut the negative thoughts immediately and replace it with positive thoughts.  This one technique can make a HUGE difference in helping you learn how to master the mind.

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