How to mount NTFS hard drives on Android via OTG

If you have seen in the situation that you have ever wanted to mount an NTFS disk on your Android thanks to OTG connectivity and it has been impossible for the Android operating system to recognize it, then you are in the right place.


I’ll teach you a very simple but very easy way with which you can mount discs in NTFS format to access directly from Android and copy, cut or paste files on both devices.

Having said that and given the corresponding and deserved thanks for the recommendation of the application that we are going to use to mount NTFS disks in Android, let’s take the simple practical tutorial on how to get it:

How to mount NTFS disks on Android

Once we have confirmed that our Android is compatible with OTG , we will also need an adapter cable from Micro USB to USB or from USB TipoC to USB to connect the NTFS disk with which we want to work on Android.

It must be said that although all the time is using the word NTFS disks, this is extended to any drive that we can connect via USB to our Android terminal.

So this practical tutorial will be used for hard drives in NTFS format, Pendrives in NTFS format or even memory cards that we have in NTFS format.

To get NTFS discs and work with them directly on our Android device, we will only need to download a totally free and available application in the Play Store which will do the work in a fully automatic way.

The application by name of  Microsoft NTFS USB Driver by Paragon Software is completely free and contains no ads or hidden purchases in the application.

With just install the application and connect an NTFS disk to our Android , the application will run automatically to show us the aforementioned disk in NTFS format and offer us two options, a read-only option on the disk and another option that we it will allow us to work with the disk as if we had connected it to a personal computer simply by using a simple but effective file browser with options to copy, cut, paste and delete files.

So simple and easy is to mount NTFS disks on Android to work with them as if it were a disk in FAT format.

For any questions about how to mount the NTFS disk or how to or about how disassemble it safely please leave comments below.

Download Microsoft NTFS USB Driver by Paragon Software free from the Google Play Store here