How to place bracket order in ShareKhan

You can modify your oder

1) Your 1st order of buying share is no executed. in this case you can modify your limit price value and can place order again or you can cancel your order.

2) Your 1st order executed of buying share. And now you wan to modify your stoploss price or Book profit price or both. This is also you can do. However you can’t cancel your order now.Exit Order

In 2nd case, Now if you want, you can exit from your order so if you will exit order. In this case your 10 share of ICICI bank will be sold at market price. and both profit booking price and stoploss price will be cancelled automatically.

To place bracket order from Share/khan website, you need to select bracket order from Advance order.

Here what will happen

1) Your buy order of 40 share of ICICI bank will be executed first, when the price 244 will be reached. Once your order of 40 share executed completely (Completely in sense all 40 share bough not 39 and 1 is pending to buy like that, when you order huge amount of share like 3 lakh shares, it won’t get executed all together. it happens in fraction like 1 lakh you received then another 50,000 share and then another 1 lakh. It actually depends upon availability of share so if there 3 lakh share avaialble for selling only then a person can buy 3 lakh. But since I am going to buy 10 share, it’s very small amount so no need to worry.)

2) After 10 share bought. Now you two order will be placed together one is stoploss oder and one is profit trigger order.

So now what will happen if 270 rupee price of share reached first, your 10 ICICI bank share will be sold at 270 price and you will be in profit, in case before reaching 270 rupee price  240 got hitted you will book loss. So if stoploss order hit first, profit trigger order will be cancelled immediately automatically. In case profit trigger oder hit first, your stoploss order will be cancelled immediately automatically.

Exchange NSE means I am going to buy share from NSE

Scrip For ICICI bank scrip code is ICICIBANK

Bu/Sell  Here I have selected option BuyBigTrade, it means I am going buy share with margin and my share will be sold out automatically after 3:15 PM if either stoploss or Profit trigger price don’t hit.

Example – For ICICI bank sharekhan allow BuyBigTrade with 10% of margin. it means if I have 4681.69 rupee in my account as balance I can buy share of worth 10 times means. 46810.69 rupee ICICI bank share.

46810.69/244 = Around 191 share of ICICI bank I can buy if I want. But I have mentioned only 10 share for demo purpose.

Validity- GFD Good for day. It means your order is valid till 3:30 PM . If your order don’t get executed it will be cancelled automatically after 3:30 PM

Order Type- Market/Limit order. I have selected Limit order and if you are selecting Limit order you have to mention at which price you are going to buy share so I am going to buy at 244.

Market order. if you will select market order in this case it will be executed on best available market price . It means order may be executed at 243.15 or 243.10 or 243 or even also possible at 244 or 244.10. So it will be close to market price. but market order gives surety that your order will be hit but in case limit order if price start going down from 243.15 to 243 and 242., in this case your limit order of 244 will be never hit.

Order Quantity.  10, number of share I am going to buy

Disclosed qty 0 . I always put o whatever order I select.

Stoploss trigger price  0 since we are putting stop loss in bracket order, no need to place any stop loss order here

Limit price 244. If you will select Market order. You can’t enter value in this field

Advanced Order

In adavnce order we are going to discuss only Bracket order.

Stoploss price 240. So once price reached 240 your stop loss trigger will be hit . It does not mean your share will be sold at 240 price. It means once 240 price reached your 10 share of ICICI bank will be ready to sell in market at market price . So order may be placed at 239 or 238 or 238.50 like that.

Limit loss to (*)  This is like price range. I selected as zero it means I am ready to sell my 10 ICICI bank share at any price below 240 at best available price.

Another option is to enter value 238 instead of zero. In this case what will happen like after 240 if price comes anywhere between 238 to 240 price, share will be sold but if you price fall suddenly from 240 to 237 because of heavy selling your stoploss trigger will not hit and you may endup with heavy loss.

Bookprofit trigger price 270. So once price reached 270 my 10 share will be sold at any price greater than 270 at best available market price.
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Since it’s BuyBigTrade and bracket order it will sell 10 share of ICICI bank automatically if your stoploss price or bookprofit trigger price don’t hit. Suppose stock remain in range of 244 to 268. In this case at 3:15 price is 268 so share will be sold at price of 268

Below image you can see bracket order. Which I have place on Sunday so it’s in AfterHour and it can be modify and  can be cancelled both because 1st buy order is not executed yet.

1) Bracket order from Website

2) Bracket order from Trade Tiger application

1) Through Website

Bracket order contain 3 order

1) Position order

2) Stoploss order

3) Profit trigger order

Ex- Current price of ICICI bank is 243.15 and you are thinking share will go up. So you want to buy share of ICICI bank at 244 rupee. And you want to sell share at 270 rupee also you want at same time when price come down to 240 you share should be sold. In such scenario you will place a bracket order.


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