How To Scan QR Codes From Google Search Widget On Android

QR code has become a popular service in retail industry. Retailers now use QR codes to provide information on their products. It is capable of storing large amount of data, which makes it a best option for retailers to store information about their products, like coupons, URL addresses and other information.

QR code is not just limited to the retail sector, you can even create personal QR codes which can serve as your visiting cards online. You can store your contact data in the QR codes and share them with your friends. These QR codes can hold details like your name, website, phone number and many other details.

Normally most of the android users install

to Scan QR codes to extract information. But there is another option to scan QR code, which is directly using the Google Search Widget. So here are the steps to scan and read QR Codes from Google Search app.

You can also locate Google search results for the same text, which was decoded from the QR code service.

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