How To See Who’s Using Your WiFi

Want to How To See Who’s is Using Your WiFi  – then keep reading because you are at correct place. WiFi has become one of the basic needs nowadays. Many trolls & jokes were already made about this. Some are very famous like one man said to another, I can live without water or food but I can’t live without WiFi.

Now evaluate yourself – you will surely find yourself in this joke. There is always big smile on our face when we find free WiFi. It’s almost like we won that moment. Now back to the point, if you have a WiFi connection in your home or office the surely you want to stop the culprits who are using you WiFi. Use these tips and tools to find to see whos using your wifi

If someone is using or using your WiFi then you can apply many procedures to stop it. In this you can may be change the password or increase the security of connection but this article helps you to find our who is really accessing your WiFi secretly. So without waiting here are the steps to answer your question who is stealing my WiFi

How To Know Who is Using My WiFi

#1 Observe the Modem Light

This is the one of the best easiest way to find out who is stealing your WiFi. Many lights were blinked on your WiFi router. Majorly there are three which represent internet, LAN & wireless devices. If you want to know who is using my WiFi then first you need to disconnect all of your wireless devices.

Nowadays WiFi modems have four lights indicator & probably you have also that one. Now as asked above if you disconnect all of your wireless devices then yours modem’s three lights were automatically turned off out of four. If still the lights are on then surely your WiFi is used by someone else also.

This is simplest way to detect who is using your WiFi or not but not rely on this trick because this is not the right way to detect and you can use further tips to know who is using your WiFi.

#2 Network Admin

This tips will helps you to answer your question to know who is using your WiFi.  This one is little bit geeky so read the steps carefully. In this you have to check the devices list on your router. For this first you need to check the IP address, here are the procedures to do this:

  1. Open command prompt form start menu or click Windows button + R.
  2. Type CMD on Run windows, a black screen will pop up like below picture.
    how to see whos using your wifi
    Command Prompt Screen
  3. In black window which cmd window type ipconfig & press enter. Your default IP address will shown.
  4. Now go to your browser & type your IP address which you recently got in third point.
  5. After pressing enter a small window will open which ask for username & password if you never changed your default settings then you have to enter admin in user box & password in password

#3 After Login Task

After you login to your modem , the first step you need to perform is to change your password & ID because by default all modems comes with same name & password. It becomes easier to hack the modem if you don’t change the ID & password. After changing the password go to connected devices, device list or attached devices. All modem interface are different so if you don’t find the same name then try to find the similar names.

A list of connected devices were shown in this window, from here you can easily find out your answer to your question who is using my WiFi. Here is an example of the same window which we described to see whos using your wifi

#4 Get Help from Available Software

If you don’t like above procedure & want a simple procedure then you can take help from any third party software. There are tons of software available in internet world which helps you to get your answer to question how to know who is using your WiFi.

MoocherHunter is one of them, the other option is Wireless Network Watcher. By using this software you can easily access to network admin panel . However this software makes your work easy but it is not available for free. You have to purchase this before use but it is worth to purchase this if you really want to know who is using my WiFi.

How to Use Software

This software doesn’t run automatically, to run this you need to get the original CD & make sure you download the authentic version of software from internet.

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