How to sort files in Google Drive

With Google Drive, you can create and sync a lot of files, so it might be a little bit hard to keep track of items in your Google Drive. Don’t worry because Google Drive offers you some solution to sort your files.
how to sort files in google drive There are several sort options under the Sort menu in the upper right of your Google Drive (next to the gear menu).

Last edited by me

Choosing this option means your items will be sorted based on the time you last modified them. It’s the same as the recently edited filter in the left-hand navigation.

Last modified

This option lets you sort you file in order of when they were last modified by a collaborator. It is also helpful if you want to keep track of items that your collaborators have recently edited or modified.

Last opened by me

Your files will be sort in order of the time you have last opened an item or document. You will find this option very useful when you accidentally close a tab in your browser or didn’t bookmark your item.


Selecting this option means you will sort items in your Google Drive by title in alphabetical order.

Quota used

When you are reaching your storage limit, you are able to sort your Google Drive by storage used to see what files are taking up the most space. This is similar to the Using most quota filter in the left-hand navigation. You can remove files or individual versions of a file in order to free up storage space.

There’s one thing to remember that only synced or uploaded files take up storage space. Files shared with you and Google Docs (like a Google document or spreadsheet) don’t take up any of your storage space.

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