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How to Take A LG K20 Plus Screenshot in 2 Seconds

Learn How To Take A Screen Shot On LG K20 Plus For The Sake Of Maximum Fun

If you’re not sure about how to take a screen shot on your LG K20 Plus, then you have just knocked the right place…

Taking a screen shot on LG K20 Plus is more than a fun thing. It is very helpful for those looking to capture different videos, games, apps or home screen. Many people like to take screen shots on LG K20 Plus because they want to edit the photos to add more color and fun. It is a good way of surprising your friends.

Sometimes you take videos with friend and capture the moments full of fun and joy. There is another way of adding more fun to those videos, and that is taking the screen shots when your friends appear in the video. You can then edit those photos and upload on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flicker or you can even share those photos with them via Whats App, Viber, Imo, Skype or Hangouts.

Take the screenshot (capture what’s on the screen). There are various ways to do this, depending upon the particular device and Android version. Press two physical buttons at the same time for 1-2 seconds. On most devices running Android 4.0 or later, it will be the Power/Lock and Volume Down buttons

Taking a quality screen shot with LG K20 Plus is as easy as making a pie. There are 3 simple steps and you’re done…

1- Press and hold the power button and your smartphone will turn off, LOL

2- Press and hold volume down key and you will not be able to hear sound again

3- In above two steps I was totally kidding, so “Why U No Take A Screen Shot???”

Did I waste your time, Yeah? Alright, let’s be serious now. Here are the most awaited 3 steps to take a gorgeous screen shot with your hottest LG K20 Plus.

1- Long press the volume down + power key. Most Samsung mobiles take a screen shot by pressing home + power button, so press these if you use a Samsung device. Make sure you press the both keys simultaneously.

2- Keep them pressed for 2-3 seconds.

3- That’s it. You’ve got this. You will hear an annoying sound that will tell you that screen shot has been captured successfully. Your device will automatically create a folder named ‘Screen Shots”, so get into it and grab your image.

What if I told you there was a very user-friendly android app that will take high quality screen shots on LG K20 Plus, would you download it? If you are a lazy person like me and don’t want to waste your energy in pressing volume + power key for 2-3 seconds, then let

do the work for you. It is a very simple android application that captures screen photos with few taps.

If you want to make the most out of your LG K20 Plus, then you should know the exact timing and moments to take high quality images. All you need is to keep your both eyes opened. Here are some rare moments discussed when you should take best .

Video Games Screen Shots

Who doesn’t like to play games on a high tech and technologically most advanced device such as LG K20 Plus? There are hundreds and thousands of

that millions of people download and play on daily basis.

Most of the games are extremely addictive and people just can’t breathe without playing them. This is exactly where you can take HD screen shots of your most favorite games and later you can edit them or set as your home screen wallpaper. You know which games you like the most, so take the screen shots with perfect timing.

HD Videos And Movies

Everyone wants to play HD movies and videos on their LG K20 Plus. Thanks to brilliant quality HD screen and high tech graphic support, your device is ready to play all types of high definition movies and videos on the go.

Sometimes you do not find the exact image or wallpaper of your favorite Hollywood or national celebrity. With the screen capture feature, you can pause the video and take the photo of your favorite celebrity and save it into your device with few taps.

App Screen Capture Feature

If you like to use different high quality and famous apps such as Facebook, Whats App, Viber, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or others, you’re likely to hunt for a good looking screen shot with LG K20 Plus. For example, if you have something very important or memorable on your Facebook Timeline and want to keep it for a long time, you can easily capture it and save it into your device. Similarly, if you have a very important chat on Whats App that you want to keep into your device in form of an image, you can use the screen capture feature. It is always fun, and sometimes very important to use this feature for your own good.

Live Wallpapers

We all know very well that live wallpapers are moving objects and there is no way to pause or stop them even with the high end mobile device such as LG K20 Plus. Some people like the live wallpapers, and wish to pause them to keep in their gallery or want to use their paused version to set as wallpaper on mobile device. With screen capture feature, you are able to do this. You can easily take a snap shot with above mentioned 3 simple steps and save your desired wallpaper into your device.

Mobile Launchers

LG K20 Plus users love to install high end mobile launchers into their device. This is mainly because of the customization options these apps offer. It is always good idea to take different screen shots of your favorite launchers. You can also use them for different android purposes in future. You can also download android launchers here.

1- You can edit the captured images the way you want.

2- It is easy to share these snap shots on social media.

3- You can share these photos with your friends by using different social media apps.

4- Taking high quality shots of moving objects by pausing them is always a fun thing.

5- If you are a web or android developer, you know how and where to use these images perfectly.

6- You can pause the videos and capture your celebrity’s photos from your desired angles.

7- You can take images from your favorite live wallpaper.

8- You can take photos from important files such as word, pdf, excel sheets and more.

9- You can also save these photos into your desktop or laptop.

10- You can keep a track record of your smartphone activities.

Bottom Line

Capturing different photos on your smartphone is always useful, but to capture the screen is something more beneficial. If you want to keep a track record of everything you do with your smartphone, then you must look into LG K20 Plus screen shot feature.


This screen capturing tutorial has been created for general android devices. If your device is not taking a screen shot by following the method, please contact your service provider.