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Of the many Assassins in the Mobile Legends game, only Natalia can truly move freely in enemy territory without being aware of his real existence. Therefore, when this hero is on the opponent’s side, don’t let it run around in our area because the buff will run out later.

Not a fighter, Natalia in the team is often relied on as a thief and continues farming to fight enemy meta heroes such as marksman, mage or assassin . When this Hero has gotten his full strength, it is certain that the enemy can instantaneously die in a single combo.

Then, how do you build items and how to play them so that Natalia can become such a scary hero? Come on, just know the full discussion as follows .

1 skill is more important to be improved because it can indeed be used to attack or run away from enemy attacks.

Try to always pass through the bush so that the passive can function optimally, first you can kill the monsters in your area first, then disappear and head towards the minions in the lane, don’t just attack but make sure the surrounding area first, is it safe for you If it’s safe, immediately kill the minion and disappear again.

Next, turn to monitor enemy territory for stolen buff monsters if possible. Hold yourself and don’t be easily provoked, consider the surrounding area and the decision to finish off the enemy quickly. Usually opponents who farm in large buff monsters have little HP, so you can kill them quickly.

When some of your items are finished, move more aggressively by eliminating enemies who are alone in a particular lane, especially mage, marksman or assassin . Use skill 2 to give an opening attack, and direct ultimate if possible. This way the enemy should die immediately, but if you can’t already add skill 1 to reach it if you manage to escape. But, if there are no enemies who are alone, then just continue farming in your area or enemy, then steal turrets that are not tightly guarded by the enemy.

Here Natalia can be the best coming back. When the headquarters was attacked, the four friends could hold him in the base for a while with all his might, while Natalia stole the enemy quickly in a certain lane without being detected by the enemy. A good escape skill makes Natalia quite difficult to pursue, except by Lesley or Rafaela.

Especially if the team is superior to the enemy, then Natalia can finish off enemies one by one quickly. Anyone who is alone, can be easily finished with just one combo, even though the figure of a Fighter . Ambush the enemy with skill 2, basic attack, skill 3, basic attack, and skill 1 to chase it, but if there is help from the enemy, use that skill to run away.

That’s how you use Natalia in Mobile Legends, which you can try it yourself in the next game. But it needs to be patient in learning because Natalia is one of those who is difficult to control and easily dies. Have a nice play.


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