How To Use Web Chat Apps For Marketing And Why Smart Marketers Do This

Marketing is no longer a world of researching and begging customers for feedback. The Internet has introduced a wonderful new method of customer feedback where consumers can comment anonymously on product. The danger of information swapping between companies has declined and marketing companies are forced to keep up. Many marketers are learning how to use web chat apps for marketing simply to keep up with consumers.

Social Media is Stepping Aside

Marketers are turning to web chat apps for their marketing needs because this forum is elbowing in where social media used to serve. While social media remains married to marketing, web chat apps are the stepchild infringing on the boundaries of the marriage. According to the Australian website,, consumers are beginning to favor the web chat over social media for communications with businesses. The answer is immediate and the wait for service is shortened.

Due to this changing pace in marketing, it is essential for marketers to learn how to use these forums. Any business who does not tap into this resource could be in danger of falling behind, much like the businesses that ignored social media when it was gaining ground in the marketing avenues.

Handling Web Chat Apps – Customer Service or Marketing Teams?

Many companies are leaving the web chats to the customer service or call centers, but marketing needs to be a part of the conversations on these forums. Customer feedback is the most important part of marketing because it directs production and improvements on existing product. While the customer service center is capable of helping customers who communicate over chat, marketing needs to have a copy of every interaction for product improvement.

Web Chat Apps Allow Everyone to Have a Peek at Customer Needs

Web Chats such as Zinzzchat allow a user to chat via Gmail or Facebook. A transcription of the chat is sent directly to a chosen Gmail account. When the chat with the customer service representative is finished, the marketing team will be able to view a copy of the conversation and understand where to target marketing strategies.

When a marketing team reviews the transcripts on a regular basis they find direction, issues with product and what is working for consumers. Using a sharing app is the best method of gathering information because the customer chats directly with customer service who can resolve the issue, followed by marketing who can better understand how to target certain products to certain areas.

Customer Service and Marketing Meeting In the Middle

Many apps work in the same manner as the Google app as far as saving copies of the conversations for others to view. Companies will typically set up an email account to be used by a number of different departments then link the web chat app to the email account. The customer service representative does not have to waste time emailing anything to marketing and marketing does not have to wait to get the information. Using web chat apps is as simple as downloading software, from setup to execution.

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