How to Use Your Knowledge to Start a Consulting Business

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In a software consultant company, a consulting business aims at writing code for various clients, helping with good systems decisions for companies or creating software for various companies. The experience gathered as a software developer can help out various customers and companies accomplish their technology and software goals.

Let us examine the steps you need to be well conversant with in order to start a consulting business. It is, however very important to start planning for as early as two years before the real venture kick-start. Be conversant with the following key steps:

Establish your Rolodex

You can use different network platforms such as LinkedIn to link up with colleagues in the industry. This is perhaps the best way to stay connected with others and receive the best instruction. Let your guiding principle be “if you meet-connect.

Determine your Niche

Determine the missing services across the industry. Identify the gaps that needs to be filled in the market. Identify your strengths and areas of expertise. Ask yourself such questions as who can fully benefit from that kind of knowledge. Such individuals are your best clients. You will be a successful consultant if you offer services to a specific niche market.

Practice a variety of talking points

Thinking of talk points can be a great deal. This involves short but very precise description of the things you do. Including the reasons why you are distinct from other consultants in the talking points. The most b significant thing to talk about the real value you offer to your clients and how exactly it can help them. Keep in mind the fact that the best consultants take time listening than talking.

Come up with templates for proposals

Effective consultants are effective in what they do. The best way of being effective is to begin by structuring forms as well as filling in the blank templates. This move will ensure your work always has the very same appearance and addresses all the relevant points. Remain consistent when it comes to the quality of work, ensuring that it remains the best.

Determine your pricing strategy

Pricing is a very essential aspect when setting up any business. Since in the end you have to break-even, you need to charge reasonably. However, you should as careful as not to be defeated by competitors on the basis of prices they charge for similar services. Remember that individuals value what they pay for and therefore if your charges are very low, you may not be perceived seriously.

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But then how can you get clients?

Companies only hire you on the basis of work experience because they will keenly observe how you sell and represent your experience. Companies also want you to take in new information quickly and apply what is learned because chances are, they engage in a business different from what you have specialized in. fast assimilation of things in a fresh field can be challenging and fun at the same time. Familiarity with design patterns, JavaScript frameworks, PHP, Python, Java, other languages and people who use them bring up new solutions and techniques to very common issues unlike what you are always used to.

To sharpen existing tools, it would be prudent to put aside at least 30 minutes every workday advancing your skills, for instance, learning a new framework that has been tried and emerged truly in the marketplace. The new framework should be one that falls in your main languages. This is a good investment and very essential.

In consulting business, skill and experience pay. However, time is the greatest asset and it should be treated like money. It is wise to go deeper with a skill set that paying you at the moment. But if a choice of digging into something very new is made, ensure it is suitable for your time and talent.

A second way of getting clients is simply posting on social media and writing for blogs. These two ways are important for getting your name out there as they allow existing clients and prospects to have an idea of what you do, the level of knowledge about your business venture and most importantly, who you are.

The ability to write effectively is an added advantage. This is because clients are also keen to look into the ability of communication via the written word. Although times have changed to extremely abridged communication methods like text and chat tools, being a good writer is a plus. Writing for your blog or someone else’s might feel like pouring drops of water into the ocean but those very tiny contributions make a huge difference. Someone might be reading or watching.

Other Key Logistics

It is essential to put forward a good social media presence. For this first step in the consulting business, get a website and a number of business cards. This will help get rid of any doubts from clients and potential clients. What contributes to a good media presence is skill and experience. It is advisable to have at least five years of work experience in the specific technologies before selling those skills to potential customers.

In addition, existing clients, potential clients and companies count on your ability to efficiently dispatch projects that are time-sensitive. Research has shown that on the buying side of numerous contracts, individuals with at least five years of reputable experience in their specific disciplines have strong knowledge in their chosen languages, technologies, and frameworks. Experienced people solve complex problems, work independently, work on teams and are quicker in learning new disciplines.


To sum up, it is important to spend time and plan well before starting a consulting business. Set your targets and undertake some practical steps. As you progress, be careful and make correct and necessary adjustments.

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