How To: Playstation 2 Emulator 3+ Players Setup

Hey guys, PCSX2 is a wonderful tool which allows us to emulate the PS2 games on PC.

However, here is this part where people get stuck about configuring it to play with friends, with two players, its no problem, say you want to play a 3 player game or a 4 player, in my case a 6 player game, with 5 controllers and a keyboard or even 6 controllers, you just can’t set it up, there are no seemingly correct guidelines present on the Internet for this too.

I have faced the same problem, so did my friend a few days back, which gave me the idea to put this tutorial online, so it’d help even more people. Less Talk, more Tutorials……

So here it is

Step 1:
First open up the PCSX2 Emulator, don’t load the game yet. Just have it opened.

Now go to Config -> Controllers (PAD) and click on Plugin Settings…

Note: Make sure you have LillyPad svn Plugin for controller. (Ver: 0.11.0)

Step 2:
Now do the following:

In Input APIs

Keyboard API – Select Windows Messaging (Recommended)

Mouse API – Disable and check Start Without Mouse Focus

Game Devices API – check Direct Input, XInput and Monitor when in Background

I’ve given the settings in the image below.

Don’t be puzzled by the Box in red, those are the things that you shouldn’t worry about. 🙂

Step 3: 

Under Pads check “Port 1 Multitap”, now you should see Pad1A, Pad1B, Pad1C, Pad1D and Pad 2. This now supports 5 players in total. You can stop here and go to Step 4 if you intend to have just 1 to 5 player game.

Instead, if you are keen for 6-8 players, then its pretty simple, yes, check “Port 2 Multitap” and now the tabs should be Pad1A, Pad1B, Pad1C, Pad1D, Pad2A, Pad2B, Pad2C and Pad2D. Those are the 8 pads that you have to configure.

Step 4:

Set up the controls as you wish for the 8 pads, with individual controllers, you can use a keyboard and 7 other controllers for 8 player games or 8 controllers. But there is one final step to get this working in the game.
Go to Config -> Multitap 1

This should Check it.

Now for 8 players do the same with Config -> Multitap 2.Now Load the game in emulator and it should show the maximum number of players for that game. In my case, it was 6 player game, SvR 2011. Here is how the player selection screen looks for a 6 player configured game.

Cheers! Happy Gaming with Friends. 🙂 Queries? Contact Me!


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