Minecraft Update Will Bring Rain, Snow, and Achievements!


– April 9, 2011

Minecraft fans everywhere (or at least in the forums I frequent daily

) are eagerly awaiting the soon to drop 1.5 update that will add weather and achievements.  As my Minecraft world has gone months and months without a drop of rain, I’m unsure how any of the plant life is still alive; however, this weather update should dial up the awesome another notch (hah, Notch

) and keep my world from dying by way of horrible desert conversion

.  Also, it will look awesome once the HD Photorealism texture pack is updated

Take a look at what’s to come in the video below.

Are you excited?

I do think it’s funny that the world goes straight from snow to rain; although, that’s just one of the quirks of the Minecraft world

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