Troubleshoot Socket Errors In Google Chrome Browser

Troubleshoot Socket Errors In Google Chrome BrowserPosted on


• Many people use Google Chrome browser to access internet on a daily basis. However, when you install the updated version of Google Chrome, you may be getting socket errors if you open Gmail, Facebook or any other site in Google Chrome.

The socket errors in chrome is not due to faulty internet connection because at that point of time  it is possible to open Facebook and other websites from IE, Mozilla Firefox or any other browsers installed in our system. Google Chrome simply fails to load those websites and throws the following error :

One simple method is to restart your computer. This is a temporary solution to fix socket errors in Google Chrome, as the error keeps occurring frequently.

Another solution to solve socket errors without having to restart the computer is by following the below steps:

By following the above steps, you can browse Facebook,Google and other sites in Chrome browser without any error.

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