Hot Toppers are chrome plated covers for 21

different fasteners on your Harley Davidson.

One of the best ways to dress up your Harley has always been to put chrome bolts on it. These chrome details completely change the look and make your ride look like a show bike. The problem is that chrome bolt kits are expensive, hard to put on and still rust and chip.

Then a few years ago a cool little gadget named Hot Toppers was developed. We liked them so much that we knew you would too.

These are a must try item!

Hot Toppers look great.

Hot Toppers are inexpensive.

Hot Toppers go on in a snap.A push actually.

Hot Toppers go on with zero downtime.

Hot Toppers do not rust.

Hot Toppers protect nut and bolts form dirt and rust.

Hot Toppers make your bike a lot easier to clean.No more using a toothbrush to clean those little allen head bolts.

Hot Toppers are guaranteed not to blow off. They are drag bike tested!

Hot Toppers are easy to remove for repairs.


All you have to do is take Hot Toppers out of the package and press them on those ugly bolts. They fit snug and easy and look great!


Hot Topper Dome

2000 Up Front (htd399)



Front Brake Caliper 12 pt. mounting Bolt Cover Kit (From Tray 2-HTD181 4 HTD282)

Hot Topper Dome

96 Up Clutch (htd708)


Dome Clutch & Brake lever clamp bolt conversion kit, 1996 & 97.

Hot Topper Dome

Cover LS Swing (htd343)


Long Dome left side front motor mount nut cover for Twin Cam – also lefty side swingarm nut on 2000 up Softail.

Also you can silicone over axle nuts and bolts on most models – Sold w/HTD342 in Kit HTD345.

Hot Topper Dome

Front Caliper (htd820)


Dome Front Brake Caliper Insert

1971-1999 and rear caliper pre 1988 models. XL Dipstick Cover. Silicone required.

Hot Topper Dome

Front Motor (htd345)


Pair Front Motor Mount Flange Bolt Covers (Left & Right) for 2000/2001 Softails-3/4″ HEX.

Hot Topper Dome

Pre96 Clutch (htd703)


Dome Clutch & Brake Lever clamp bolt conversion kit, 1982-95.

Hot Topper Dome

Rear Caliper (htd810)


Dome Rear Brake Caliper Insert 1988-1999. FXD and FL models oil dipstick. Silicone required.

Hot Topper Dome

Twin Cam Rocker (htd888)


Twin Cam Rocker Box Cover Kit – All 1999 Up Big Twins – Set of 8.

Hot Topper Dome 1/4″ Full Cover (htd100)


Dome 1/4″ Allen Bolt full cover 50-60 cap screws on Harley EVO Models.

Hot Topper Dome 3/4″ Shallow Hex (htd344)


Dome Shallow 3/4″ hex bolt cover for riser bolts, 3 piece footpeg clamp assemblies on safety bars, Softail Shock bolts.

Hot Topper Dome 3/8″ Allen XL (htd400)


Dome 3/8″ Allen Bolt Cover for Softail rear footpeg allen mounting bolts and FL left and right front floorboard inner mounting bolt ( also fits 16 bolts on Boss Hoss including swingarm, shock mounts and various engine/trans. spots)

Hot Topper Twin Cam (htd288)


Twin Cam rocker box cover (requires silicone) (8 per bike) or order 1-HTD888 for 8 piece kit

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