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Solarium awning with a Lexan® roof

Solarium awning with a Lexan® roof

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Create an ambiance.

The solarium awning with a Lexan ® roof is designed to give an impression of being outdoors, and consequently bring maximum brightness inside your home.

It has all the advantages of a glass roof without its disadvantages.

It can be cut to the desired length, thus eliminating horizontal joints, the main cause of leakage. The engineered thermoplastic resin panels are mounted on baked enamel aluminum beams and can resist to maximum load capacity.

Our unique ‘Comfort Plus’ system, which requires no mechanical parts, allows you to control the temperature by naturally eliminating the excess heat thus reducing the uncomfortable greenhouse effect.

It comes with 4mm safety glass sliding windows and patio doors with locks. It has a 1 year warranty*. Its installation is sturdy and permanent. No assembly or annual disassembly are required.

To control heat, a choice of motorized curtains can be easily installed indoors or outdoors. The solarium awning with a Lexan ® roof is unbreakable. It is custom made and permanently installed. It requires no concrete foundation, which greatly decreases the cost of the project.