Hyper Knights from Endless Loop Studios

Hyper Knights is a newly released game on Steam after a successful Early Access period Developed by Endless Loop Studios the game is for Mac, PC and Linux so everyone can enjoy the fun no matter what OS you wish to play on Firstly I wish to say that I received a game key from the developer for review purposes but that in no way is going to influence what I have to say Now that the formalities are out of the way lets get down to the game The core idea of the game is to lead an army to conquer and defend your lands with a focus on fast action gameplay and quick movement around the battlefield The game starts with you naming and customising your knight There are many different options that you can choose from the defaults but the other cool addition is the steam workshop which allows you to add custom weapons helmets and other armour items that either you create or that have been created by others in the Steam workshop Once in the game then you can participate in huge battles with enemy soldiers who do not have health bars but instead need a combination of button presses to kill them The good thing about it is that there are only two keys to alternate between which makes it easy to mash those buttons I have to say that I did play the game using a controller as I found that the keyboard was not as good an option One frustrating aspect of the game was the fact that I could not attack buildings and enemy tents and had to rely on the AI friendly troops to do it for me It was only after leveling up and unlocking some upgrades that I was able to buy an ability that allowed me to do this but trying to direct the special attack towards the target was cumbersome and made it a little frustrating at times Graphics wise the game is not going to be anything that blows you away but instead has a certain charm that reminds me of the days gone by playing Cannon Fodder and if you liked that type of game then this is going to be right up your street There is a certain degree of strategy involved in the game which allows you to control groups of units and send them to attack or defend different areas of the battleground You are also able to upgrade buildings and your own character to make things a little bit easier This is where the strategy side of the game comes into play and although it is fairly simple it is nice to have just an extra layer to add to the already fun gameplay The price point for the game is pretty low at around £399 GBP or roughly $5 which means that you do get a good value for money as the game is a lot of fun to pick up and play I have to say that I personally haven’t played anything like this game which blends the strategy and the combo button mashing hack and slash titles that I usually enjoy playing It is nice and refreshing to find something that manages to blend different genres together while retaining a good sense of fun and easy to pick up gameplay along with it The campaign is a little short at only around 3-4 hours but there is a New Game+ mode that unlocks once you have managed to beat the game the first time around This shouldn’t distract you from a purchase though as this is the type of game that allows you to pick up and play and come back time and time again for some fun casual play sessions All in all, this isn’t a game that is gonna give you an epic gameplay experience but if you are looking for some fun casual game time then I would say give this one a shot Thank you for watching the video, I hope you have enjoyed it If you have then please hit the like button, hit subscribe and hit the little bell icon to be notified when new videos go up on my channel and if you want to see me review another game or you have anything else that you want me to do leave a comment in the video comment section of the video and I will do my best to see what I can do for you but until the next time guys I will say, see you later

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