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MULTIPLEX Chirayu is a germination enhancer and growth promoter. It is combination of beneficial strains of compatible bacteria & fungus (Bacillus subtilis and Trichoderma harzainum) and their bolites. MULTIPLEX Chirayu release hormones that enhances the seed germination, root initation and

produce root growth

promoting compound which helps in better growth of plants. MULTIPLEX Chirayu

also protects the seed & seedling from earlier seedling diseases.

Vegetable seeds: Mix @ 5 – 10 gm of MULTIPLEX Chirayu

to 1 kg seed. Field crops:

Mix @ 100-500 gm of MULTIPLEX Chirayu to be mixed to seed required for one acre. Sugarcane & tuber crops (onion, potato, etc.): Mix @ 2.0

kg of MULTIPLEX Chirayu to seed required for one acre.

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