Importance of Software Security

Importance of Software SecuritySecurity has been and will always be an issue in our everyday life; be it software security, home security, national security or any kind of security. Security is essential because we need to protect our data, our selves or our items from theft. We unfortunately live in a world where stealing occurs from its lowest form on the streets to its sophisticated form through using programs and complicated equipment. We therefore have to protect ourselves from the people who decided to dedicate their lives to rob you and me of our hard earned work. Talking of security is so broad and requires its own book, hence this article will talk more on software security, more specifically on computer and android security using the programs created by Kaspersky Lab.


Let me take you through a brief history of what Kaspersky Lab is. Kaspersky Lab is an international software security company with its roots in Russia. It operates in more than 200 countries across the continent. The first product created by Kaspersky Lab, which was Kaspersky Anti-virus was released in 1997.


Kaspersky Lab offers security for 4 different kinds of needs; Home security, Small business security, Business security and Enterprise security. Home security is for personal use, and they come in variations in terms of how many times a single key can be used from single user up to 3 user. Small Business, Business and Enterprise are for SMEs (small medium enterprises) and corporates and they offer more users per single key and additional services.

We shall now focus more on Home security. Since 1997 Kaspersky Lab has released a variety of products. Some of the products released by Kaspersky up to the date of writing this article are

Kaspersky Anti-virus and Kaspersky Internet security for windows are the flagship products for Kaspersky Lab. If you have ever bought a Kaspersky Lab antivirus chances are you either bought Kaspersky Anti-virus or Kaspersky Internet Security. If you bought Kaspersky Anti-virus instead of Kaspersky Internet Security, you probably did so cause of the price difference, but did you really know why there was a price difference? Keep reading.

Kaspersky Internet security for Mac is just the same as Kaspersky Internet Security (which is for Windows). Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is an anti-virus for people with android devices such as the

or .

Kaspersky Total Security is the flagship product by Kaspersky lab for the year 2015. It was introduced in 2015 and it offers more security above any other Kaspersky product; this of course makes it more expensive than the other products.


Now the question you have been asking, what is the difference between this products offered by Kaspersky and why is one product more expensive than the other.

To start off, I shall tell you what kind of security each product offers, then I shall break it down in layman’s language so that you can be able to have your “aha” moment.

All Kaspersky products have anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-phishing properties. The difference comes about with addition of some more features, and of course with more features come higher prices.

Malware is short for malicious software. This is any software or program that is installed without your consent. Most of the time malware disguises itself as something familiar to you and gets installed when you try to install a program that you think is the right one or when you click on a link. Viruses, worms and Trojan horses are example of malware.

Virus is a malware or program that when executed by running a specific program or command, it replicates itself by inserting copies of itself into other computer programs, thereby affecting programs that were not infected. It just behaves like a human virus replicating inside a host. When you find your computer behaving differently in a negative way, or certain programs not running correctly chances are your computer is infected with a virus. If a virus infects the core programs that run the , the system registry included, it can render your operating system corrupt and you may be forced to have a fresh installation of your Windows Operating system.

Phishing is pronounced as fishing and its meaning is similar to the actual art of fishing, this is how. Phishing is whereby a person in this case a criminal acquires someone’s vital data, such as login details, credit card information etc by tricking them. Phishing happens mostly through emails where a criminal sends an email that appears similar to a legitimate email. The criminal may for instance pose as a bank and send you an email requiring you to input your bank account details and credit card information. Once you input that data, they then use it to rob you dry. Phishing is similar to fishing as criminals sends out a bunch of false emails, just as a fisherman would throw in their fishing rod, and then some people get fooled into believing the scam while others stay away from it; just as some fish get hooked while others don’t.

Now that you know the meaning of the properties of an anti-virus, now let us go into the specifics of the various Kaspersky products.

Kaspersky anti-virus is an anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-phishing application for Microsoft Windows, with no network-based protection or firewall features. It offers protection for scanning files on your computer or when someone inserts a storage device such as a flash disk but it doesn’t offer security when browsing the internet.

Kaspersky Internet Security has all the features of Kaspersky anti-virus but has additional features to protect users who use the internet. It protects users from websites that are not safe, advertisement banners, phishing emails and on top of that it has a full featured firewall that replaces the default firewall that comes with windows. Its firewall is more secure and better than the windows firewall.

Kaspersky Internet Security for android is for people who use android devices. It also offers internet protection for users who surf the internet besides the anti-malware protection.

Kaspersky Internet Security for mac offers the same security options as Kaspersky Internet security for windows.

Kaspersky Password Manager securely stores passwords and gives the user the ability to automatically log in into known websites.

Kaspersky Total Security is the 2015 flagship product by Kaspersky Lab. It is said to offer the ultimate security for all your windows devices and Mac computers including Android devices.

It is important to also note that Kaspersky products are released either for single users or multi-user with the most common multi-user being for up to 3 users. Others include 5 users and 10 users.

Which one to buy

Now you know fully the different products offered by Kaspersky Lab, but which product suits you. The Layman’s explanation.

For Mac and Android users the answer is clear and straight forward, as you only have the option of choosing the Kaspersky Internet Security for mac and Kaspersky Internet Security for android respectively.

For windows users, the decision is split into two: Kaspersky Anti-virus or Kaspersky Internet Security. Kaspersky Total Security is new in the market and is also more expensive, but for home use, the bond of contention should be between the two above.

By now you can already guess which one I am going to go for; definitely Kaspersky Internet Security. Most of us use the Internet be it for school assignment, or for recreational browsing. Most malware originate from the internet, that is why you might find your friend who doesn’t use the internet on their computer telling you that, they have never used an anti-virus for years and there computer has never had a virus. If you don’t insert various flash disks into your computer and also don’t browse the internet you can survive without an anti-virus; but in the technological world we live in, we surf the internet almost in a daily basis and we tend to exchange files with one another through the use of storage devices. With Kaspersky Internet Security you will be protected not only for local malware but also while you are using the Internet.

Don’t get me wrong, Kaspersky anti-virus is a good product that is why Kaspersky Lab release a new version every year. However it only offers you, local protection, with no firewall properties.

How to purchase

Kaspersky products can be purchased online or at your local computer store. It is more affordable buying the product at your local store than purchasing it online in some countries. This is because Kaspersky releases products for different locations. You might have found a sticker on your Kaspersky Installation disc saying, “For use only in Africa”. Its best taking that walk or drive to your nearest local store and purchasing your antivirus.

In real sense when you purchase your Kaspersky product you are essentially only buying the code or key. The product comes with an installation disc, however the installation set-up can be from the Kaspersky site. Sometimes the full set-up might be available online so I will provide a link where you can download the file from . It will always be updated. . It is better downloading the installation set-up online, this is because the installation disc is more often than not outdated. Also the installation disc may sometimes have problems starting the installation. The people with mini laptops, or laptops without disc drives, definitely have to download the set-up. Downloading the set-up is a better option than using the installation disc that comes when you purchase your Kaspersky Lab product from your local computer store.

You will find that buying a single user anti-virus is more expensive than buying a 3 user. The price of a 3 user is definitely more expensive but if you pull your money as three people and purchase a 3 user you will end up spending less money than each one of you each buying a single user on your own. (Read the end to know how can take advantage of that saving)


This article features Kaspersky Lab products, because I personally have been using Kaspersky Lab products for years and all my devices have been safe from malware. There are other anti-virus products out there, but Kaspersky Lab products are the ones I chose to talk about and find them easily available locally.

You may have noticed I haven’t talked about whether you should or should not buy an anti-virus. This is because an anti-virus is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. It will only cost you a few dollars a year, but you have the peace of mind that your devices are safe. Using pirated software for anti-virus is not advisable at all, because the pirated software or key can get blacklisted at the verge when a virus is slowly getting itself cozy in your computer and of course there are people who spend their time making this products and we should definitely purchase them to enable them make better and better products.

Invest in an anti-virus program, preferably Kaspersky Internet Security and have some peace of mind.

Video showing you how to download and install your Kaspersky product will uploaded soon, so you can see the importance of subscribing.

New Service

wants to start a new service to enable you buy the Kaspersky Internet Security at an affordable price. You have noticed that when you buy a Kaspersky product 3 people it’s more cost effective than each one of you separately buying the products. Hence a new service will be created where a single person will be able to buy a Kaspersky anti-virus 3-user without having to look for two other people.

It will work by a single person requesting to buy an anti-virus. Once the first three have requested and made payment, shall purchase Kaspersky Internet Security and then give the three people the license.

This service shall also offer support and installation for people in Nairobi. More information on this shall be coming soon. To be updated when this service launches subscribe by following . This link is only for those who want to be updated on the Kaspersky products.

For those who also want single user Kaspersky Lab products, you will also be able to get them at an amazing low price.

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