Of course you can improve your SEO without link building.

Getting backlinks for your website is just a small part of the optimization process. People focus on it a lot because it is one of those SEO aspects that needs to be continually maintained, but that does not mean that your other SEO aspects do not need to be completed correctly or maintained over time.

On-page SEO and off-page SEO

Is a big factor in your optimization process, and there are a lot of aspects to it. Your off-page SEO also does not begin and end with backlinks (link building). Your first port of call should be a library that has a good stock of books by knowledgeable authors. You should also have a sneaky peek at the many tutorials and articles that Google has for SEO. This includes signing up for their Google webmaster tools too. It is free and gives you access to even more advice and tools to help you with your SEO.

Check out the loading time of your website

Google measures how long it takes your website to load. They time from the moment it renders to the moment every last page element has loaded up. This means that if you have a part of your website that loads very slowly, then it is dragging down the SEO of your entire page.

They measure your loading time with Google Chrome. That is one of the reasons why they worked so hard on making Google Chrome load quickly, so that computer performance would not play too much of a role when it comes to loading times. People use Google Chrome to access your site and it sends data to Google telling them how long it takes. If your pages are a little sluggish, then improving the loading speed may help you quite a bit.

Mirror your keywords across your whole page

Pick up a total of 12 keywords, including synonyms, and put all 12 in your Meta keyword tag. Put at least two of them in your Meta description, one of them in your page title, and at least two of them in the page URL.

Have all 12 of them appear in your page content. Having them appear once in the content is good, but twice is better. Put two of them in a bold font too. Make sure that they fit nicely into your content and do not look as if they have been inserted. Put at least one of them in H1 tag, and at least one in your H2 tags. If you have a keyword cloud (such as with a blog), then try to add at least one of the keywords in every blog posts keyword cloud.

Have your keywords appear in the Alt text and title of your images, music and videos. In addition, when you upload the file, make sure that one or more of the keywords are in your file name.

Try to run a social media campaign

Getting a few links from social media is a good idea, as it is getting a few links from bookmarking sites. Try to maintain your social media campaign over a long period by posting on a regular basis. Try to get people to share things on your website too. Consider affiliate advertising your site with Google AdWords. It does not have a direct effect on your SEO, but it never seems to do the participating websites any harm on the search engines.

Choose a reliable host

A good hosting company is not so much a benefit, but choosing a bad one is going to harm your SEO. You may improve your SEO by changing your host to a better one. You want one that is secure and has a downtime of less than two percent. You need a reliable one that is going to provide you with your bandwidth when you need it, and is not going to be hacked and take down your site at a moment’s notice.

The most important thing you can do…

You should make sure that your website is usable, easy to use, easy to access and easy to navigate. This means uploading high quality content and making sure that your website has a goal. If it has a goal then it has a use, after which, all you need to do is maintain the website so that it achieves its goal and provides a use. If your website is not particularly useful to anyone, then do not expect to rise very highly on the search engine results page, or for very long.

By Aly Chiman

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