StumbleUpon Brings X-Rated Content to Android Market


Android and Me

Late last night I downloaded a new application in the Android Market from .  StumbleVideo allows you to “discover the best mobile video”.  I had used the StumbleUpon toolbar so I was familiar with how their system works.  Imagine my surprise when I was viewing soft core porn videos within minutes of opening the app.

One of the cleaner shots I captured…

I had read nudity on the Android Market was not allowed so I did a little research on their .  The policy clearly states that no “pornography, obscenity, nudity or sexual activity” is allowed.  It is noted that repeat offenders will have their account suspended.

Some of the content channels

Update:  As of this morning it appears most of the offending content has been filtered.  When you stumble for videos you will still get adult results, but the video will not actually play.  There still appears to be quite a lot of adult content being linked from YouTube.  I have seen no official statement from StumbleUpon yet about this incident, but if one is issued I will post it here.  If you experienced any similar content please share your story with us.

Must have been real hard to have stubled onto that.


What a fag. Who wouldn’t wanna be able to stream porm from their android? U guys talk about this like its a terrible thingit and besides there shouldn’t be any porn there if u didn’t sign up for it in ur stumble upon account! Its on u dude

Casey is right, the poster sounds like a real lick knob

If you want porn that plays perfectly on Android devices like the G1, MyTouch, HTC phones, etc

check out

they all stream nicely on andoid 😉


works really well too, or so my friend tells me… I don’t have a membership… I hate videos of beautiful women having sex 🙂

What a douche….this has nothing to do with the Android OS but everything to do with your SU preferences.

Hope your sissy boy eyes have recovered from seeing nude women…

Really? There are men in this world who get OFFENDED by seeing nude women? Am I the only one who thinks this is retarded? We have much LESS!!!!! nudity and depravity and everything in the current time than we ever had in the past (precentages only). If anything else, history will probably note this as The Modest Age”. Guess next we’ll have “The Non-Exisiting Age” if no one is willing to just give someone a good screw. I’m tired of the damn politics in the bed room. Im sick of men who were molested by the preacher in there church growing up and talking about how sex and porn are so EVIL… Do you really think that trying to shield ANYONE from the truth of sex and/or nudity does anyone any good? What’s the purpose? The function? Because people tell you to be clothed and that everyone should be

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