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Opera Software announced their Opera Mobile 10 browser for Android , but it is not yet available because the company is working with OEMs to pre-load it with their handsets. The last time we asked Opera about the possibility of releasing Opera Mobile 10 as a separate download, they blamed the . This doesn’t mean we will never see Opera Mobile 10, but we might be waiting a long time.

caught up with Opera product analyst Phillip Grønvold who demoed the new browser on a Nexus One and explained the situation. He said they were working with several large Android handset makers, but failed to mention any names (hint: the two phones they demoed were the HTC Hero and Nexus One).

In the mean time, Android users can download Opera Mini 4.2 from the Android Market. An update to

is expected soon, but we are still waiting for an exact release date.

If you want to see what Opera Software is doing on the desktop side, try out their new . They claim it is “The fastest browser on Earth” using their new Carakan JavaScript engine.


Why don’t they just release it to the market. I don’t see it gaining any traction if the only way they intend to release it is as part of purchasing a new Android phone.

This fragmentation of Android systems is beginning to bug me.

I have to buy a certain phone to get Turbo Dalvik…I have to buy a certain manufacturer to get Opera…

It’s bad enough with the delays to 2.1 on phones, but now we can’t get certain software if we buy only certain phones.

I love my android phone collection but this is getting terrible.

I’d like to point out once again that there’s no limitation to the NDK that would make it impossible to port Opera Mobile to stock Android phones. Difficult, perhaps – but not impossible. If you want them to reconsider, please ask them to do so!

Whats “Earch”?

It would seem some Maori weaknesses in Android are starting to come to public attention. Soon enough we’ll see iPhone VS Android commercials, much like Mac VS PC

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I think it’s a legend.

[…] engine is located on a server. In Opera Mobile, it is installed on your phone. Opera is looking to partner with OEMs to include Opera Mobile 10 with their phones, so the Mini 5 could be some users only experience […]

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