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Update: The new

is now open to anyone for the next couple of days. Sign up now if you want to try it out.

Last week,

with some pretty major bug fixes and database enhancements, leading us to believe that a final version of their application was imminent. Turns out this prediction was spot on, as the folks over at

have learned that Swype will be releasing a final beta version of their slide-to-type application via

tomorrow for any Android user who wants it.

Though this is not technically a final release, the fact that Swype is ready to release an open beta to all who want to try it out signifies that Swype is nearly ready for mass consumption on the Android market. A final release is certain to be right around the corner.

This is certainly good news for Android, as the Swype keyboard allows users to type faster than ever before, as proven by

last year. As someone who has used Swype pretty religiously in the past, I have been impressed with how simple, quick, and accurate Swype is, and would not go back to using any other keyboard.

If you’ve never tried Swype before, I highly encourage you to head over to

tomorrow and give this keyboard replacement a try. I’m confident that you won’t be disappointed.


Using swype right now. Have been lucky to be using it since early beta. I typed this in 12 seconds :p. Get swype!



I wish Swype would have voice input as an option, like the default keyboard, so I wouldn’t have to choose between keyboards. For long texts or emails, nothing is faster than voice input. But for shorter texts/emails, Swype is certainly faster than the default typing method. Wish I could have the best of both worlds.

Finally got the Swype email and FINALLY got through the servers to download it.

I’ve been using ShapeWriter and, without question, I’m going back to ShapeWriter.

Kind of disappointed in Swype, to be honest.

I guess to each their own.

Would love to see other users experiences and, if you prefer Swype to SW, why?

To me, SW is faster, better at guessing what I’m typing, and integrates capital letters and punctuation much better.

I’m trying to figure out how it works with email/web addresses. I know that a lot of these things require the dictionary to work, so how does it work with something like:

I love Swype while my Beta was still working, since then I’ve been using Shapewriter but Swype is so much better.

One tip – do the full tutorial, it has loads of hidden features that you don’t realise until you have done it all.

I just wish Swype would have a shortcut feature (maybe the latest version does?) so that you could Swype and get your e-mail address, or even your full postal address just by running over certain keys, swyping a certain pattern or using the Symbol key and a letter.


AWESOME. My beta just ran out. In about 5 minutes, you’ll text faster and easier. The learn function is mind-blowing gush gush gush gush

The site is still showing the beta is closed..

I hope that this gets opened up today for real!

* Meant to say read the full Help for “hidden features” not just the tutorial.

So…uhmm…I hope after this one comes out it doesn’t end like the other ones…

I signed up for the beta a while ago, they let me into the beta late afternoon today. Seeing as they’re releasing the open beta tomorrow, makes sense haha.

Loved Swype on my Hero, but on my Evo it is difficult to navigate the textfield without the track ball

Got my beta invite on the 15th, so that explains that!

Also got a google voice invite shortly after… was thinking it was a beta sorta day…

using the swype keyboard before and hard to keep up with. I’ll join the beta tomorrow.

So…what if you already HAVE Swype?

I mean, I’m using it to text this…but…will anything ever change on it..? Slowly…its getting old with screw ups and…kinda boring, honestly. I mean..like the fact that for most,

its virtually USELESS when horizontal..

(38 seconds. :D)

Okay, the article states that Swype will be available today, but the link sends you to a page saying that the Beta is closed; the same thing it’s said for two months. Not sure what the purpose of this was…

I have been trying to download actual app. since 10am. Just got it installed now. 3:32pm. Better be worth my time, effort, and battery life(just went from amber 2 red).


Using Swype on my EVO and it rocks!

Love swype it’s for sure worth a try.

I have Swype pre-installed on the Nexus One – so I can do comparisons, and it’s not even close. SlideIT is quicker, cleaner, more accurate, handles other languages – and uses a much smaller memory footprint.


Pleasw send me the app swype

Sorry all but ShapeWriter Keybord does all of the same things as Swipe, and so much better. Its free, and not a beta. I’m using it on my N1 2.2 Froyo working perfect. No double looping letters, and many language packs you can add. I don’t work for them at all. This thing just works…

Try # 2

1. 12:45 Finally got the new swypeinstaller downloaded

2. Hit ok to replace current version

3. hit install, installed & open

4. Download of package failed. Swype is already installed and try again.

So the version that is on there cannot be uninstalled unless i hack it.

I could not find it in the manage applications settings. so deep digging with a file explorer will be needed.

Now is 1250

Try #1, so far, NOT on ERIS, so this is what happened, I emailed swype, just so happens yesterday, and they informed me that the new version is coming out today.

Prolem: First be sure to uninstall any current swype you may have installed.

Second: after downloading the swypeinstaller, (go to swype, register at the join at the myswype swype beta section of the site.) Then, it will prompt you to download, they said it will be the one that fits my phone and is configured for it, and it is not. In fact, when i go to use it, it says, not configured for your phone, may not work effectively, or something like that. And it doesn’t.

Gonna try to uninstall the current version and go at it again.

By the way, current version is:

I’ve been using Shapewriter for a while and love it. Checking out Swype today… I hope its worth all the hype. Already wondering how to add items to the custom dictionary.

swype website is getting hammered. can’t register.

Website barely works.. takes 5 minutes to load home page.

I have the cliq and I think swype sucks. I think the best keyboard is the better keyboard, not swype.

well, so far, I’m underwhelmed.


I installed it as soon as I got my beta email, and while the application comes up, and the swype keyboard works like a normal keyboard (with swype lines)… the “swype” feature seems never to type by, “swyping”.


And for some reason it will not register.



Who cares. You can use Shapewriter keyboard which is available NOW, and is better if not just as good. Swype missed the boat.

Do I have to be rooted or jus download to my PC and click and drag to my droid folder??????????

ah i love swype. i just want a hot pink keyboard and i will be super happy!

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