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Android and Me

Back in September I got to go hands-on with the Toshiba Folio 100 when I attended

in Berlin. I had high hopes for the device since it was one of the first

tablets I was able to play with, but I discovered the device was half-baked and I called it a .

We hoped Toshiba would go back to the drawing board and fix all the software issues we experienced, but instead they started shipping the tablet to several UK retailers. To no surprise, customers who purchased these early units experienced all kinds of problems and several stores have halted sales because of the high return rate.

An internal memo from UK retailer PC World stated, “Due to very high return rates, we are temporarily stopping sales on this product and the price has been increased to £999 ($1,613) to prevent further sales. There seems to be a number of issues, and not one specific issue.”

Hopefully Toshiba can fix these issues with a software update, but in the mean time I would avoid this tablet and wait for Google to introduce their

tablets early next year.





my folio never had any problems, flash a no no but very touch update on 12 december fixed probs with browsing. with flash

this is good tablet.hd video good.poor viewing angle but not head on.i am happy with need sme pc experience not for novices

So wait. The tablet has issues that need to be fixed, they know this and multiple people are returning devices………

So they raise the price to deter sales? LMAO

How about you stop selling them until you solve the problems?

tisk tisk toshiba

Toshiba published an update that solves most of the problems and put’s it at the same level than the rest of the tablets, with problems due to the lack of support of the resolution from Android, there are even nice mods available, so the HW is good and it’s getting updates, if you wish to compare with the rest be sure to get an updated review or forum

I decided to buy an Archos 7o last night but no one had them in stock.

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