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yet, but

new Cloud Touch is the closest thing we have seen to date. Erick Shonfeld of

scored an exclusive video of the new INQ Cloud Touch which is optimized for Facebook.

So what does optimized for Facebook include? Basically, it looks like INQ took Android and then made some cool looking widgets that access Facebook’s services. The main homescreen widget includes shortcuts for People, Events, Notifications, and Places. Your main Facebook feed is displayed in the middle of the screen and a shortcut to a Facebook Chat application appears at the bottom.

The video demo (see below) is only three minutes long so we can’t see how deep the Facebook integration is, but it looks like most of the features could be easily implemented by downloading a social widget from the Android Market.

Ina Fried of

pointed out a comment from INQ Mobile last week in San Francisco. “We want to do for the Facebook generation what BlackBerry did for the enterprise market,” INQ Mobile CEO Frank Meehan said in an interview. “For someone under 30 this is the stuff you want to see all the time.”

INQ is aiming for a May release in Europe, followed by a launch in the USA if they can find a carrier to pick up the phone.

TechCrunch also reports that “HTC is also working on its own Facebook phone”, which is similar to the

we heard last month. Most likely HTC has some new tight integration with Facebook and their Sense UI, but maybe there is still a small chance these devices will include the Facebook branding and colors.

What do you think of INQ Mobile’s latest efforts? The hardware definitely looks like a step up from their .

A Facebook phone is pointless!!!

I would much rather buy the HTC Pryamid and then download the FREE Facebook app.

However, this phone is still better than any phone running Moto-crap.

He’s really good at patting himself on the back..

“We’ve done a great job…..”

“We’ve done a fantastic job on…..”


I think consumers will be the final judge of that.

I would much rather see these people put a bunch of effort into a facebook/social app for all Android phones. Having one specific device targeted at facebook seems very boring and not at all practical.

I think an Htc facebook phone may be more worth it. I’m just tired of seeing a backwards trend in devices…all theses “new” devices should be better and more powerful but I’m just not seeing it!

Anyone who buys a smartphone that’s solely optimized for Facebook needs to get a goddamn life!! What kind of ego do some people have that makes them think that their “friends” on Facebook actually give a damn what they’re doing every minute of the day?

lol!! FAIL!


when he said “For someone under 30 this is the stuff you want to see all the time,” I thought “what, that’s not tr- oh crap. I’m 30.”

But really, a facebook phone may not be such a great idea. This is technically just another one of those “skins” like motoblur or Sense. Both of those are geared towards social networking, with more than just facebook. How would this be better? In fact, it would probably just delay updates or cause them to never happen at all, as is the case with so many blur or sense phones.

Stock android with the widgets you choose to download FTW!

Do we really need to be that connected all the time,I think it is sad.And then people are concerned about their privacy.

i thinkk i speak for for most when i say…


ok so they made some widgets for the facebook app…what about the phone? what version of android is it running? camera? upgradeable? after checking the website (which is big on glitz) it makes no mention of anything other than FACEBOOK FACEBOOK FACEBOOK…

this is silly-trying to capitalize off facebooks success is smart but it wont take long before regular consumers see through the smoke and mirrors. techys already have.

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