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If you like Android, I have a strong feeling you are going to love the T-Mobile G2x. Thanks to some

from last weekend we learned T-Mobile was going to pick up the

and release it as the G2x with Google by LG.

CTIA Wireless takes place in a couple of weeks on March 22-24, so you can bet that all the carriers will be announcing their new lineup of Android phones. I expect that T-Mobile will announce the G2x and it should go on sale several weeks later.

Everyone wants to know if the LG made G2x will stay true to the G-Series of T-Mobile phones, which included the G1 and G2 from HTC. Both of those phones were notable because they were pure Google experience devices and did not include HTC’s custom Sense UI.

T-Mobile chose to launch the G2x as the flagship of their G-Series for a reason, so you can drop your worries about it shipping with some iPhoney UI. Some G1 fans were disappointed by the G2 because it was more of an evolutionary step and did not compete with other high-end models, but the G2x will return the G-Series to industry leading performance (yes, it now has 4G).

We expect the phone will initially be launched with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and we’ve heard from multiple sources that it should be the first device upgraded to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). LG and T-Mobile are both committed to software updates, so I expect that Gingerbread will come quickly. Dropping a major update a couple of weeks after launch sounds crazy, but it would prove the point that software updates are a priority.

Give me your wish list

Android blogs never get the same respect as traditional media, but they still play an important role in the Android ecosystem. I always see in our comments that people complain some of the big companies never listen to their voice, but the truth is many industry insiders watch the blogs and this audience has real influence.

The G2x hardware and shipping software are probably already complete, but your feedback can help shape future software updates. Our

showed what the hardware is capable of, so let us know what you would like to see on the software side with a comment.

If you worked for T-Mobile, how would you launch the G2x?

i want to see Tmo’s WiFi calling feature on this phone.

I’d also like to see some dlna software pre-installed. (not real happy with after-market apps)

I’m more than ready to upgrade from my mt3g and since my contract is up in june, this will hit at the right time!

I thought the day would never come when I looked forward to a phone made BY LG….I can’t wait to get this


Also, I want a car dock.

My Dream Android Phone will have…

– 4G (Any Carrier)

– Stock Android 2.3 (Upgraded to other Android OS when they are released)

– a 4″ or Higher Screen

– Camera with Flash (8MP or Higher)

– Camcorder that captures in 1080p HD

– A Good Processor (Next Gen.)

– Good Battery Life

– All Touch Screen No Keyboard

– HDMI Port

– Headphone Jack 3.5

– Internal Memory (16GB or Higher)

– microSD (4GB or Higher Included)

…and some some other stuff I can’t remember but that’s most of it feel free to add anything that I must if missed please message

Im thinking about getting it but i dont see them putting out an update thats higher then Gingerbread… like the G2 has been on 2.2 for the longest time even though 2.3 has been out for a couple months. Im thinking long term you know? If i buy this phone i want an update to Ice Cream when it is released.

Idk y ppl keep putting down the g2. Ive owned a droid 2, epic, captivate n evo n out the box my g2 beat everyone one of those phones in quadrant scores n gpu scores. Idc if it doesn’t have a front facing camera with choppy bit rates or an hdmi out which I would never use anyway. That’s not even mentioning that g2 totally obliterated any phone ive had in download n upload speeds.

The build quality is way better than the competition..6 months later my g2 is still competitive n if the g2x is stock then it will b the only acceptable replacement

If T-Mobile launches this sucker, I’ll be all over it like a cheap suit on a used car salesman.

Let’s go T-Mobile!

this phone needs to hurry up and come out lol i want this phone so so bad my g1 is slowly dying well the battery is not the phone haha

If I was T-Mo I would have released it in January to beat the other carriers (plus I’m really tired of waiting)

How about getting netflix?

Will netflix be left for qualcomm phones only?

Am I the only one who cares about this?


The people who actually complain about the UI skins are people who know how to mod their android devices…i am completely for a pure android experience, but the average user won’t even notice the big deal about it, thus why these manufacturer keep pushing their own UI skins. They’re more concerned about the average users than us.

This may be my upgrade from the Nexus One depending on what the HTC Pyramid turns out to be. Anyone know what the build quality is like on this, if it’s anything like a samsung device then I may have to avoid.

Stock Vanilla Android / Flash Camera / Guaranteed 2.3 Upgrade and I’ll buy this the day it comes out 🙂


This is my next phone for sure.

Can’t wait.

All I want is stock Android. I dislike OEM skins. It wouldn’t be so bad if they just added widgets and a custom dock, but they go in and switch around the settings and disable features. Maybe they should just sell their skins and widgets on the market.

This is a great addition to tmobile. Clearly this will be the best device on there network much better than there current Nexus S and Mytouch 4G. I am watching very closely they might also get the Htc Pyramid or maybe that just turned out to be a codename for htc’s operating system on there next devices of smartphones. I am waiting on my Htc Evo 3D to be announced at CTIA on March 22nd for my favorite network Sprint but it would be funny if Lg turns out to be the maker of the New Evo 3D. I always have been a huge htc fanboy and current htc evo 4g owner so I don’t know how I would take it but one thing I do know is that SPRINT AND TMOBILE clearly have the best 4g devices in the industry and to top it off if it’s true that sprint is about to purchase tmobile then basically WE ALL WILL WHEN EVEN MORE… CTIA is very big this year for both sprint and tmobile… Verizon and At&t already spent there load so we won’t be hearing to much from them and there crappy devices or networks

ive replaced the g1 battery 4 times.. but that phone is as sturdy as a rock!

I wish the would standardize the positions of the buttons below the screen across manufacturers.

This looks like it can be promising. For me to really start liking the idea, the need to put 1 GB of RAM in it. Also if they start removing features like they did when the Galaxy S came, like the camera flash, that would really make this phone start to look like it won’t be worth it. I will probably hold out for the HTC Doubleshot or the Galaxy S II due to the low RAM and LG’s skin.This could lead to something really promising though!!! Cant wait till CTIA!!!!!!


If T-Mobile brings the G2x to market with stock vanilla Android, I just may have found a suitable replacement for my Nexus One!


If this proves true, wow, it would be a great power play by tmobile. Convincing a oem to not ship their custom ui, ballsy move

Maybe Im alone with this, but the G series does not need a revival.

I had the G1, and currently have the G2.

It may not have all the “wifis and the geebees”, but its a damn good phone. Also, if this thing isnt stock Android, it does not deserve the G moniker.

Im kinda confused, I have vibrant (froyo finally gingerbread hah prob never) and love the specs so far, EXCEPT a vga screen? Can anyone explain plz, in my opinion the super amoled screen is much better than a vga display,am I wrong? Plz leave me your input, I really like the phone specs and want it but why vga?

Love the specs… but I am old school and would love a keyboard.

hey…leave me alone, I can like keyboards if I want! LOL

my guess on tmobiles upcoming phones

Optimus 2x= T-mobile G2x

HTC Pyramid= new myTouch phone

Samsung Galaxy S2= Vibrant 2 or even Behold 3

With only 512 mb of RAM, while other new phones like the Atrix are sporting 1 GB of DDR2 RAM, this thing looks old and outdated already.


Look at the question of stock vs custom from LG’s perspective.

If it comes with a custom UI, it has to be supported for each release.

Therefore, the customer experience of this skin should be greater than the drag a skin has on software updates from us phone nerds.

Look at it this way: you can always sell stock UI to the hardcore and it becomes a huge selling point.

Does the average Joe care about the custom UI built by LG?

Is it even a selling point?

I say put those resources back into custom apps or widgets and leave the launcher alone.

Also, release this phone ASAP!

Last night it took me 5 minutes to enter a location into Google Maps and launch the navigation.

I can’t take it anymore! 🙂

Nothing but naked Android.

I was seriously considering switching from T-Mobile till this news came out, now I’ll actually stay with them.

As for how they should launch it, any way they can that doesn’t follow how the Thunderbolt is being launched. hah

If this phone ships with stock android, I will switch from VW.

I’m usually the one for physical keyboards, but this is TOO beast of a phone to pass up!!!…

IF this thing supports the higher HSPA+, keeps the FFC, plus has a good quality rear cam, LED notification light, and is promised Stock Gingerbread… I might have to put down my MT4G for this, which is still an amazing phone!


Super Phone w/ Stock Android EXCITING!!!


I am eligible for a full upgrade (still have my g1) and i am so torn between this phone and the Samsung Galaxy SII….I feel like i am making a life changing decision, both those phones are amazing..Think i might be forced to get this phone due to my G1 slowly dying on me.

Taylor, are you hinting to T-Mo customers that this might come stock?!

I read a Twitter post earlier, or maybe it was yesterday that you would be willing to switch your Nexus S with this on T-Mobile. If this is part of the G-Series then maybe it will come stock. I mean we all know what the 2X looks like and seen dozens of videos on it, & you keep saying T-Mo customers will be very pleased like there is more to expect. Sounds very interesting.

Personally, I am excited for it all even though I am not a Majenta customer. I love mobile tech period. I can’t wait until CTIA. Hopes for Sprint to jump in the dual core game!

Stock or no buy. Only stock deserves to proudly carry the G name.

Wasn’t the G series revived with the G2? it already needs to be revived again?

If the HTC Pyramid is announced (release date) at CTIA and if it’s not too far behind, I’ll get that instead.

1. UGLY icons for menu back etc.. wrong size

2. THE MOST UGLY notification bar icons!!.. all colors of the rainbow blah

How is it that ALL of us here know about the G2x and T-Mobile rep online or in stores DO NOT know about this phone?

Anyway it is now down to two phones for me. The G2x or Nexus S.

This phone looks great as everyone is saying but I have one huuuuuuge reservation with TMO. When are they going to get rid of that infernal 5GB data cap? I can’t stand that policy.

I use up all my data by week 2 of every month by just looking at Youtube vids and using Pandora and listening to podcasts. I would pay more for a 10GB cap and I imagine some of you would as well. What good is all this power and advancement in smartphones when you can only take limited advantage of these devices? For the last 2 weeks of the month, I may as well have the worst phone out there. Its frustrating.

Will this have mobile hot spots?

There are five things I want on the G2X:

* Wi-Fi Calling

* 4G HSPA+ 21 or 42Mbps support

* Support for all five major UMTS frequency bands used in the the world (wishful thinking, I know)

* Stock (or near-stock) Android so that I receive software updates quickly

* Unlocked, or easily unlockable bootloader to do software development on the hardware directly

The international model supports UMTS 900/1900/2100 according to the FCC filing (yes, it exists).

I’d hope the G2X would support UMTS 850/900/1700/1900/2100, but I’d settle for 900/1700/1900/2100. I guess I wouldn’t mind 900/1700/2100, but that makes it a pain to connect to networks in Latin America (most of them use either UMTS 850 or UMTS 1900, a few offer UMTS 2100).

Nearly every single one of T-Mobile’s best devices include support for either UMTS 850 (Motorola Cliq 2, Motorola DEFY) or UMTS 1900 (Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Galaxy S 4G). The only exception to this rule is the myTouch line. None of them, so far, have either one of those bands. The G2 and G1, of course, don’t have it either. And oddly enough, the Nexus S doesn’t have UMTS 1900 support even though the Vibrant did.

If this bootloader is as easily unlocked as other LGs have been, I will gladly jump back to T-Mobile from Verizon.

The data speeds and pricing on T-Mo are just too good.

I think a lot of us here are generally fans of having stock Android, but I’m surprised a company like LG hasn’t tried to purchase the MIUI team!

Let’s face it, LG’s skins are pretty average so why not

go with MIUI and leapfrog a lot of the competition!?

TBH I’ve not actually tried MIUI myself but it sure seems very popular with a lot of folks, if maybe a little too iPhoney for some – then again the same could be said of TouchWiz etc…

predicted specs for UPCOMING HTC EVO2/3D


2.960by540 resolution

3.New Htc sense UI 3D style

4.Dualcore snapdragon MSM 8660

5.Adreno 220cpu for smoother 3d performance

6.1080p hd video-out via hdmi 20mbps

7.a synchronous core clocking 3d video out and 3d video capture

8.hdmi mirrioring mode for playing games and web browsing, games will run at 60fps

9.encoding and decoding 3d video

10.2.0 front facing camera

11.8/16 built in internal memory

12.16/32micro sd card out the box

13.1800 Mah battery

14. 8/10 mp camera

15.DNLA techonolgy

16.wifi b,g,n,

17.bluetooth 3.0

18.supports video playback mpeg4,h.203,h.204,divx,wmv,avi,3gp

19.fm radio

20.netflix application

21.Htc cloud base services for gaming and purchasing of applications and device support by the cloud.

This is a great article. Thanks a ton for bothering to describe all of this out for all of us. It’s a great help!

I‘ve had mine for almost a week now (it became available in the Danish market last week) and I must say that I’m impressed with the device 😉

Coming from a HTC Desire/Bravo it had a huge gap to fill out, but I’m really satisfied!!

Now I’m just waiting for some custom gingerbread rom‘s to appear, since I did the root on it my first day with it (:

I kust bought the G2 in November, I love it but i am more excited for this…No loose hinges to fear anymore. .haha.


Here is my issue.

The G-series was supposed to be a PURE Google experience with a keypad.

Well, the Keypad is already out.

What about the experiences?

Well, on the video I saw, it has featureslike T-Mobile TV, T-Mobile Mail, TegraZone, EA Games App, Polaris Office, etc on it.

Oh, yeah, it also had a button for TeleNav, which I am not a fan of.

While I think the specs on this device is good, is this really a G-phone or is T-Mobile and LG just capitalizing on the G-series that HTC help develop?

hmmmm 2 upgrade from mt4g or not??????????

+ thid comment to upgrade – to stay with mt4g and wait for htc pyramid !

if lg say it would upgrade to the next update what about the rest? like ice cream sandwich etc? i would love to get this phone but if its only getting one update whats the point?


This sounds like a good phone. Tegra 2 and a pure Google experience are two very good selling points if it indeed ships without a custom UI. I’m skeptical about LG phones though. I have had numerous friends with LG phones that were absolute duds and had to have them replaced multiple times, but I’m sure their smartphones are of better quality.


I’ve been tracking this phone since late last year and have been really excited about it. My concerns are the 512 of RAM and does it have 4G. I’d jump all over this phone if it has 4G, but would have to think long and hard about a 2 year contract on a 3G phone. Can you imagine 1 year from now being the only person left on 3G ? Meh..

Sooooo upset about T-mobile crippling the Galaxy S with 1Gb rom.

It’s useless.

I have to decide whether to return my G2 today and I would love to wait for this phone.

But with T-mo’s history of ruining perfect phones like this I don’t trust them to put 4G or (in my dreams) 21mbps HPDA+.

I may keep my G2.

I can always sell it and buy an unlocked G2x if it ends up having no key issues.

And I don’t trust that they will leave the 8Gb rom alone.

I could care less what stock UI it comes with because I will put my own on it.

Hardware is what matters.

This phone has it all if they leave it alone.

Most likely they won’t though because then we would sit on our phone for 2+ years.

Can’t have that!

@Hans…..Still haven’t changed much I see same old same old with as always. Htc Evo 3D will be a great device and yes I am a proud Htc/Sprint fanboy my question is what are you???? Same Old… BOZO… I WELCOME YOUR KIND

Hi noo…folks!

Im getting my iPad 2 very soon!

Cant wait to see your envious, open eyes! Be happy with your thick fat and old shitablets…

cheers, Ben

sent from my iPhone 4

Note: it does NOT reboot

I was really interested in this (G2X) phone and thought that it would be the replacement for my N1 but a lack of LED notifications is a deal breaker for me…I would also like to a have a trackball / pad but it seems like all the manufacturers are moving away from this as well.

So, I suppose I’ll be sticking with the N1 for the foreseeable future.

I don’t understand why would they launch it with 2.2. If it’s suppose to be T-Mobile’s flagship device lauch it with 2.3. I thought the optimistic was not a stock android phone. They have some touchwiz looking UI on it.



واخيرا ك منبنفت الباص الي يدور بك على المطار كله

iPad 2

where is the galaxy s2.

I’d like a screen greater than 4 inches.

My G1 is closer to death/suicide that its ever been.

Tmobile just doesnt care about hi end phones.

LG Optimus 2x is a enthusiast level phone and therefore stock Android UI is essential.

TMobile should drop G2X branding; it’s tainted with memories of a physical keyboard. This is 2011, smart phones are now out of the physical keyboard age. G1 did a good job transitioning customers to the touch screen era. Time to move on… G6 sounds better.

I’ve been with TMobile for 6+ years. My G1 has served me well. G2 was an upset. I was not eligible for a Nexus One. Nexus S was an improved Galaxy S but rebranded.

If TMobile does not release this phone before March, I’m leaving.

If TMobile does not put stock Android, I’m leaving.

If TMobile does enable 4G, I’m leaving.

I don’t think it’s right that this phone is a G phone considering it lacks a keyboard. The G series is for keyboards and that’s the way it should stay.

Common TMobile, just sell it as the Optimus 2x. The name is cool enough and you can reserve the G2x name for the UPGRADED G2 cause that only makes sense…

We ♥ iPhone

Ok..I know you guys are going to tar and feather me…but I have a TMO blackberry 8900 w/trackball (old skool style). ..and my battery keeps going and going and going…hehe.

WOW my iPad 2 is absolutely gorgeous! best device ever!

Im not interested in android devices any more.

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