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The T-Mobile G2 and the HTC Desire Z are nearly identical twins on the outside, but their software builds are what truly separates these two HTC handsets.  We’ve heard that HTC has plans to update the HTC Desire Z () and other members of the Desire family to Gingerbread within the next month or two, but now we finally have confirmation that the T-Mobile G2 will be updated as well.  An HTC rep has confirmed that a Gingerbread update for the G2 will be made available during Q2.  It’s certainly nice to receive an official confirmation, but a more precise date would have been even better.

Many G2 owners purchased the handset because it runs on a nearly stock version of Android.  The hope was that G2 owners would receive Android update faster since T-Mobile and HTC wouldn’t need to do much code tweaking to get Gingerbread ready for the G2.  Since G2 owners have already been waiting nearly five months, this should finally prove that owning a stock Android handset doesn’t guarantee timely firmware updates.

Are any of you G2 owners excited for the Gingerbread update? I have a feeling that most G2 owners rooter their phone long ago and have been tinkering with CyanogenMod or a few of the HTC Sense ROMs for quite some time.


So when this update comes, what will be the immediate gain? Will suddenly new features appear or will life be the same and everyone whine and moan about the NEXT BIG UPDATE?

My G2 runs well as did my G1 on 1.5 before the update to 1.6. I was happy with what I had and when the update rolled out, my g1 was snappier and had more features.

Enjoy what you have and stop worrying about updates. If the phone does what u need, why get uppity about updates?

I have also been a G1 to G2 early adopter and I am quite excited about the Gingerbread roll out (finally).

My G2 has been rooted and running a Desire Z Sense rom for months.

I want so test both versions of Gingerbread when they are released to check the pros and cons.

I really like the camera app that comes with Sense.

I hope that the stock camera app has been improved.

I am a G2 owner and I’ve been heating about the gingerbread update for sometime and I’m happy to say i have not done anything to my phone…thought about it a lot but now that gingerbread will be available soon I’m a happy camper

I am a G2 owner who has been an Android user since the G1′s launch day. While I did root and experiment with my G1 quite a bit, I found the overall quality of the mods to be a bit less polished than ideal (though they rocked in other ways). I have held out on rooting my G2 so far, wanting to remain “official” or “pure” or whatever.

I am excited to finally hear this news, but am honestly still quite depressed by the fragmentation and utter lack of love that stock Android devices are getting from providers/carriers (and google, really). Really making me see the upside of Apple’s more controlled, but at least “on time” and official rollouts of iOS updates.

Still, am excited for gingerbread… hope it comes sooner than later.


Lol are you people seriously this disgruntled about the g2? I’ve worked with many devices (hero, d1, mt3g/4g g1/2, n1/s ect..) and the G2 rolls with the best of them. Leaving any android device stock is going to give you a hindered and boring experence. Most of the fun is hacking and slashing and to leave a device stock is a waste. If you don’t like the phone (and are past the return grace period) do something about it, or get an iphone where all the desions are made for you.

The myth of stock android goes down.

I’ll just wait to see what Cyanogen does when he gets his hands on this. Since my phone is already on Cm7…In other news…does anyone think Cyanogen will pick up the Sensation 4g?

I love my G2 and I really hoped that the G2 would have received this update long ago, but I’m pretty happy with CyanogenMod 7. There’s some small tweaks within the ROM that I prefer over native Gingerbread. But I’m all up for an official 2.3 build.

I love stock & all, but since it doesn’t give timely updates I won’t be requiring it on my checklist of phones when I buy them now. My next phone will be the HTC Sensation & I will probably get better updates there 🙂 byeee G2 🙂

Yep, too late for me too.

I rooted as soon as I got the G2.

I am currently packing the GingerSense ROM of Sense & Gingerbread.

Thats the beauty of Vanilla Android, it’s like a blank, empty, & boring canvas ready for rooting & flashing of your choice of Custom ROM’s.

I actually haven’t rooted my G2 yet. i haven’t really have the time to tinker with my phone as much as i did with my MT3G before i got my G2. So it would be to to get gingerbread. But i probably wont be waiting much longer before i root again.

I’ve had my G2 for 30 days and love the phone for all it does, but am quite unhappy with bluetooth disconnecting and reconnecting on every other call on its own (three other phones had no issues with my Acura’s bluetooth) and the continual issue of no Wifi connectivity. My home, is one of there homes that has very little signal in my neighborhood while everyone around me has connection. I need Wifi calling to call out and receive calls.

I’ve read that the Gingerbread update fixes the Bluetooth issue and hopefully will fix the WiFi.

I swapped the phone with Tmobile once, did a master reset on the second phone after a week of having it, purchased a new wireless router cuz Tmobile told me my Dlink was the problem…not. Have called Tmobile and HTC tech support….and no luck.

I even went to Tmobile tonight and tried to connect to their store router….nothing.

I’m days aways from getting a different phone…..sadly….the G2 is a great phone with so many awesome features. The bluetooth issue shouldn’t be happening. The WiFi is another awesome feature that truthfully I really need just to receive calls at home.

I have had my g2 since about december of 2010 and have been waiting for the update to gingerbread since then and the thing that is starting to annoy me with the whole waiting for gingerbread is that before I got my g2 I had a motorolla cliq xt while the phone was alright I was told that the phone would be getting froyo well well low and behold weeks later we where told nope sorry your phone will not get it so until my phone tells me gingerbread 2.3 is ready to be downloaded on my phone I am not holding my breath on the update. And the thing that gets me is that the g2 has stock android on it what in the world is taking them so long to push it out to everyone who has the phone. Eh oh well I dare and even admit this but with each of the fails that has happened as of late with the whole android os and what not I am more and more tempted to go and buy a iphone 4 or something

I’m curious if the new update blocks you from rooting…..

I have had my system update notification for about 3 weeks now and have been trying to find out if rooting is blocked

wow, it never ceases to amuse me how a piece of technology not getting an update is “FRUSTRATING”

here’s an update for you losers…… you will never find a woman, or if u already have one, shes tired of u bitching about your phone not getting updated, and tired of u playing call of duty when she wants u to play with her, not after you finish off the next level with full kill bonus.

sorry, rant over.

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im waiting for iPhone 5 (superior)

Hopefully, this helps with my mid-day random reboots. I’m full stock with minimum installed apps.

This G2 has tainted my Android experience. Former G1 and N1owner.

Cheers, to this overdue update fixing my G2 caused displeasure.

If the Droid Bionic drops before the update, I’ll be tempted away from both T-Mo and the G2.

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At long last, I can finally have a taste of the oh, so sweet Gingerbread. I’ve been with Android since it initially came out and the G1 was my first phone. The G2 was my next as I wanted to stay within the G-series. So far I’ve been disappointed with the long wait considering Gingerbread came out months ago. I don’t

think I’ll be using stock Android as a deal breaker in my next phone purchase anymore. Now all we need is a specific release date. 😀

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