Unbrick Your Verizon Galaxy S3 [How-To]



Unbrick Your Verizon Galaxy S3 [How-To]

The Verizon Galaxy S3 was came with a locked bootloader but it didn’t stop users form buying the phone, after a few days of Verizon Galaxy S3 release, the Android development managed to unlock the bootloader. However some users have got their phone bricked during modification, they send their back to Verizon and pay full price to get a new one but now a recognized XDA developer member PureMotive has found a method to unbrick Verizon Galaxy S3.

You can get your bricked phone running again now, you just need to install stock files again. Read on how to unbrick the Verizon Galaxy S3. Please follow the complete guide properly, don’t miss even one step. You need a Windows PC with USB phone drivers installed.

If you own any other US variant of Galaxy S3, you can unbrick your phone .

DISCLAIMER: Please proceed the below guide at your own risk, Android Egis will not be held responsible if your device lost data or gets damaged following this guide.

Step #1: Download following requires files to your PC:

Step #2: Download

to your PC and unzip into a folder.

Step #3: Open the folder where you’ve unzipped above file and run Odin3 v3.07.exe

Step #4: Turn the device off.

Step #5: Reboot the device into download mode, to do so reboot phone by holding down volume down, home and power buttons until you see a warning message, then press volume up button, it will take you download mode.

Step #6: Once you’re in download mode plug the device to PC using USB cable. Odin will detect the device, ID:COM will change the color and a message saying ADDED will appear. (Note: If Odin doesn’t detect the device, make sure that USB drivers are properly installed on your computer).

Step #7: Click on PDA Button and locate VRALEC.bootchain.tar.md5 that you downloaded in first step (Note: Don’t make any change, untick all options in options section, just F.Reset Time should be ticked.

Step #8: Click on Start button to start installation, once the installation done, your device will reboot itself and you’ll see message saying PASS.

Step #9: After installation, disconnect phone from PC but don’t turn off, let it in Download mode. On your PC, close the running Odin.

Step #10: Open Odin again on PC.

Step #11: Now plug the phone back to phone.

Step #12: Click on PDA and locate BOOTLOADER_I535VRALF2_618049_REV09_user_low_ship.tar.md5 that you downloaded in first step, this time again untick all options in options section, just F.Reset Time should be ticked.

Step #13: Click on start and install the file.

Step #14: Once the installation is done, close Odin and unplug phone from PC but don’t turn off, keep it in download mode.

Step #15: Open Odin on PC again and plug phone to PC.

Step #16: Click on PDA locate the stock.vzw_root66.tar file that you obtained in step 1. Now in options section in Odin, tick Auto Reboot, F. Reset Time and Nand Erase All. Other all options should be unchecked.

Step #17: Click on start button to start installation. Once it done, your phone will reboot automatically.

Step #18: Unplug phone from PC now. If your phone still doesn’t reboot, turn it off, remove battery from the phone. Then put battery back to phone but don’t boot up, boot phone into recovery mode by holding down volume up, home and power buttons. You may see some errors in recovery mode, in recovery you need to use volume keys to navigate and power button to select. You need to perform wipe, to do so select wipe data/factory reset, then confirm on the next screen once it done, select wipe cache, and confirm it. Once it done, from the main menu, select reboot system now to reboot the device.

That’s it, your phone should now be rebooted normal mode, enjoy!


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