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Samsung is a great smartphone maker brand in the world and according to the latest , it has a share of 20 to 22 percent on the entire mobile market, in which high-end and mid-range smartphones contribute more, if you talk about the affordable or feature smartphone here company is constantly losing its value. Talking about , it will be the next important mobile operating system that is being described as a “smart feature phone” operating system. It is a mobile operating system that caters to extremely

in developing regions like India, Indonesia and Nigeria. It is designed for those who have not yet been able to access the Internet.Here we will tell you some facts related to the Basic Mobile, which proves that Samsung may soon launch an affordable basic phone in the market. Samsung’s  basic phones do not see any innovation at all, providing only basic features such as calling and , etc. while KaiOS based phones are providing a bunch of feature that was unthinkable at the cost of feature phones including 4G connectivity, Wifi, Video calling,

etc.The way this is happening is simple: KaiOS runs some core Internet services on its phone that are not possible on a simple feature devices such as Google Search, YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook. However, if you want to run all these features on a , then you have to spend at least $ 80 and all are available on a KaiOS running device at $30 (around). This is why KaiOS is a big possibility and future for feature phones.Along with this, the trend of people in the feature phones manufactured by Samsung is constantly decreasing and the same KiaOS phones like jio phone and Alcatel Go Flip are being liked in India and Africa countries, then there is a possibility that Samsung May launch feature phone running on Kiaos soon.Coming to a second fact,

are the entry-level device that comes with the price tag of $60-$70 (around), and they were priced lower than Samsung’s entry-level Android mobile and managed to run better despite low-end hardware. yet, the company proved to be a failure into make a significant appearance in entry-level smartphone sector. maybe this is why no tizen smartphone has come in the market from last 3 years and Samsung may have decided to stop wasting resources on new Tizen devices. So, the company can turn from tizen to KaiOS to strongly re-enter the affordable segment. Samsung Metro 313Screen2.0 inchResolution128 x 160 (QQVGA)Processor208MHz Single-CoreRAM16MBRear Camera0.3MPbattery1000mAhOSFeature PhoneConnectivity2G GSMBluetoothYesStorage2MB ROM | Expandable Upto 16 GB Samsung Metro 350Screen2.4 inchResolution240 x 320 (QQVGA)Processor312MHz single coreRAM32MBRear Camera2MPbattery1200mAhOSFeature PhoneConnectivity2G GSMBluetoothYesStorage32MB ROM | Expandable Upto 16 GB Samsung Guru Music 2Screen2.0 inchResolution128 x 160 (QQVGA)Processor208MHz Single-CoreRAM4MBRear CameraNobattery800mAhOSFeature PhoneConnectivity2G GSMBluetoothNoStorage4MB ROM | Expandable Upto 16 GB Samsung Guru FM PlusScreen1.5 inchResolution128 x 128 (QQVGA)ProcessorNARAMNARear CameraNAbattery800mAhOSNAConnectivity2G GSMBluetoothNoStorageNA Samsung Guru 1200Screen1.52 inchResolution128 x 128 (QQVGA)ProcessorNARAMNARear CameraNAbattery800mAhOSNAConnectivity2G GSMBluetoothNoStorageNAKaios Phone listThe KaiOS is a feature phone OS, made for essential smart tasks and focused on people who are shifting from Feature phones to Smartphones. Apart from this, tech giants like Nokia, Alcatel, jio phones have released mobiles powered by the KaiOS platform and we have listed the list of these phones below. Now coming to the conclusion,

right now and the best mobile platform for feature phones. It is sure that the upcoming Samsung feature phone will come with KaiOS and we hope that other companies will also release their basic devices on this mobile platform soon.You may also like

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