Top 10 Features of KitKat

Top 10 Features of KitKat

Top 10 Features of KitKat

Android – the most popular mobile Operating System is upgraded to the next level by Google. This time Google tie-up with the “Nestle” to use the brand name under its hood. Nestle – a company which is pretty famous for confectionery and now it will be branding for the Android version 4.4.

Android 4.4 is considered as a major update, as it includes the changed UI and various plenty of new features. Indeed, one can notice all these changes by getting the latest Stock ROM on their device. Surprisingly, Google has announced that Android 4.4 will run smoothly on a device having 512 MB RAM.

Going ahead about the features, firstly, the app-drawer is re-designed, icons are quite bigger, faster multi-tasking, search anything just by saying “OK Google” without touching the device, and a lot of various new features are incurred in the latest Android 4.4 KitKat. Apart from these, we have highlighted below the “top 10 features of KitKat”, which will be quite useful for beginner’s and many other users who wants to deeply engage with latest Android version.

Top 10 Features of KitKat

Finally, Google has revamped the UI and included background transparency. The whole UI is changed and the navigation bar goes transparent, which is one of the great features among the users as well as icons goes bigger.

In the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, auto-complete contacts was missing but it included in Android 4.4 KitKat with some major changes like you will see the contacts listed in the phone app based on the people you call frequently. Well, you can also search nearby places from the phone app itself and the re-designed calling keyboard.

Called ID is added to the phone app. If you get a call from some unknown number then Google tries to find out the number details listed on Google maps and displays the “country name” from which you are getting the call.

Well, you can also sync contacts from various social networks and account types, which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Google Mail, Google+. The sync comes out to be most powerful, which displays the contact details and linked profile picture of an incoming call.

Now, you can use applications in full-screen mode as well as play games using the entire display on Android 4.4 KitKat. No more notification bar, no battery icon and carrier icon, and even no on-screen buttons, just fill the screen with the games and applications completely.

Hangouts app gets a major update, now you can send SMS and MMS from the Hangouts app, as well as video calls and chats from your Google contacts.

Your’s location can be shared and you can send animated GIF’s from the new Hangouts app.

Record what you do on your droid screen using “Screen Recording” feature. You can capture real-time video and store the video on your device in mp4 format.

Now, cloud printing is possible on Android device or tablet running on 4.4 version. Once you have connected your Printers to Google Cloud Print, you can just give a print command from your Android powered device or tablet. This feature also supports HP ePrint printers and other printers that have apps in the Google Play Store.

Finally, it’s the time to replace the Dalvik by ART feature. No doubt, ART comes with various advantages like running applications can be faster and smoother like never before and low-battery consumption because of reduction in compilation frequency.

Yet, the ART environment is at a beginner’s stage, that’s why “Dalvik” is selected as default, but can you can change by navigating to Settings > Developer options > Select Runtime – “Dalvik or ART”.

Photo Editor tool is updated and some advanced features are added. Craft your photo in a different way using the Ktkat’s Photo Editor tool which includes predefined looks, better frames, exposure, alter the geometry, saturation and applied filters.

No need of downloading third-part Keyboard apps which support “Emoji” because Google has understood the users need and “Emoji” is added to the Stock Keyboard for faster access.

So, here are the cool and top 10 features of KiKat, which you will really like to know while using Android 4.4 KitKat on your device.

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Please explain item #3.

From what I’ve seen you can no longer synch Facebook contacts to your phone.

I am unable to do so.

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