Ideamart is an API management platform which is been used by many operators within Sri Lanka and also outside Sri Lanka.

Appmaker is the latest platform introduced by Ideamart.

What is Appmaker?

Appmaker is a service to create an Android application within 5 minutes by simply filling a form. You will not need any sort of Android Programming knowledge to create an Appmaker.

Let’s make an Android Application using Appmaker!!

Let’s talk about creating our first Android Application using Appmaker:

Firstly, visit  website and Sign Up by entering your Basic Details.

Select a particular Style you want according to your requirement using the Appmaker platform.

3. I will be using a RECIPE Style for this Tutorial.

4. How to add a new page

Go to Pages →Create Page and Add your Page.

Then update the Page Category, Name, Banner Images, and Content.

5. Creating an Application Logo

Application logo can be uploaded in any format and should be within the size of 250 x 150 px.

Changing the Look & Feel

The App background, Navigation Colors and font styles of the Application can be changed according to your preference.

6. The use of Push Messages

Push Notification is a service used in smartphones as a feature. Using Appmaker platform you can send push notifications to users by adding a text, simply a link and etc.

7. Publishing of an Application

The final step in the process of building the Android app is the publishing.

Go to Pages → App Details and fill the contact, policy and about us details.

Then go to Publish → Submit for Approvals and fill the Basic Details.

Finally, add the images in the PNG format according to the given Resolutions and click upload.

Select the keyword and the port you want for the Application.

Then click the operator select from the operator configuration menu and choose a subscription plan from the application and submit for approval.

Ideamart admin will check your application and approve it within 24 hours.

Also, Ideamart is allowing you an option of submitting your Android application to Google Playstore.

If you got any questions/ suggestions/ complains please feel free to call us or e-mail.