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Archos 5 500 GB Internet Tablet Cheap Google Android Tablet 50% off Ships Free in 1 Day

List Price: Lowest Used Price: USD 359.99Lowest New Price: USD 379.99Lowest Refurbished Price: USD 400.00Price is accurate as of the date/time indicated. Prices and product availability are subject to change. Any price displayed on the Amazon website at the time of purchase will govern the sale of this product.

Binding: Electronics

Manufacturer: Archos Inc. dba Archos Technologies

Product Description:This is the greatest little photo wallet. Display them one by one or let your photos play as a slide show. To have more fun, you can make it a music slide show playing to your favorite Product Description:ARCHOS, award-winning for its constant technology innovation, now introduces its new ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet. This product combines all the multimedia know-how that ARCHOS is famous for, with the ANDROID operating system. It offers you an uncompromised Internet, Media and TV experience in a customizable interface. In perpetual evolution with the continuous arrival of new applications, you can personalize your ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet to perfectly reflect your tastes and needs.

All the multimedia know-how that ARCHOS is famous for, with the ANDROID operating system. Click to enlarge.

HD Multimedia Brilliant 5-inch Touchscreen The ARCHOS 5 features an 800 pixel-wide 5-inch touchscreen, an ultra thin design, and an accelerometer for portrait or landscape viewing. Whether enjoying media yourself or sharing with friends, it delivers outstanding image quality. HD Video Formats Don’t compromise–the ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet is able to handle the widest range of video formats, even at HD 720p resolution (H.264 HD, MPEG-4 HD, and WMV HD5). Your Music Everywhere Enjoy more music formats directly on your device (MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, AAC+, FLAC and OGG Vorbis). In addition, the unique ARCHOS music browsing system allows you to create your playlists without using a PC. Who needs a tuner? Just plug your ARCHOS 5 into amplified speakers and you’re all set. Experience Your Photos Browse through your photos with a simple flick of your finger or play a slideshow with music and transition effects. The high resolution screen is great for zooming in on details. Take It All With a 500 GB Hard Drive, you won’t waste time choosing what files to bring along–take your entire media library with you.

Personalize your ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet with apps to suit your tastes and needs. Click to enlarge.

Find your destination with the on-board GPS. Click to enlarge.

Internet Fast & Convenient Web Surfing The ARCHOS 5 lets you easily surf the Web. With a Wi-Fi connection (802.11 b/g/n) and the new OMAP3440 processor running at 800 MHz, you get quick and responsive Internet browsing just like on a laptop, without the endless waits for page loads. Enjoy the Web in full width thanks to the 800 pixel wide screen, with no need to zoom in or out. 3.5 G Mobile Phone Connection If you own a standard mobile phone equipped with 3.5 G & Bluetooth technology, simply pair it up to your ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet via Bluetooth. This will give you easy access to Internet directly on your device anytime and anywhere. Web TV and Web Radio In less than 3 clicks, you can access nearly 1,000 Web TV channels, over 10,000 Web radio stations, and 100,000 podcasts. There’s no downloading wait time. Radio and TV start streaming directly from a worldwide list of traditional and independent radio and TV stations. Media Club The Media Club remains the easiest way to get video and music content on the go. With an even richer library with new partners and some of the biggest industry names, you’ll discover a large library of movies, documentaries, music albums, and games. Buy or rent your entertainment in a couple of clicks and start watching it on your ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet. GPS Full-Featured GPS Whether you are walking or driving, you will always find your destination with the on-board GPS. The GPS includes voice assistance, points of interest, fast multiple-route calculations, and car/pedestrian/adventure modes based on the latest maps from Tele Atlas with 3D landmarks. You can go to your account at anytime on the ARCHOS website and purchase the available maps or cities. 3D Photo-Realistic City Navigation Find your way around cities in 3D Photo Realistic mode. With multi-angle views and four zoom levels, you’ll be able to recognize places as if you had taken your own photos from the sky. This is ideal when walking and visiting large cities in the US (available Q1 2010). Free 7-Day Trial Try the GPS for 7 days free of charge. TV HD TV-Out With the Optional DVR Station or HDMI Mini Dock Turn your TV into a real web-connected multimedia platform. Enjoy all the ARCHOS functions on the big screen of your living room. Watch your movies in HD (720p), listen to your music, share your high resolution pictures, play games or surf the Web. Record your favorite programs with the Optional DVR Station With the optional DVR Station, you have the perfect match for your ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet at home. Record TV shows and movies in one step using with the included remote control. Then you can enjoy your recording at home on your wide-screen TV or in the palm of your hand when you are out.

Add the DVR Station to record TV, play video back to your TV and charge your ARCHOS. Click to enlarge.

Get extended playback and S-Video/Composite video with the Battery Dock. Click to enlarge.

Use the DVR Snap-on to record from almost any audio or video analog source when you are on the move. Click to enlarge.


Enjoy a selection of fun and practical applications for daily use right out of the box: eBuddy IM: for instant messaging The multi-platform instant messaging application. Chat from one place to all your friends on the various platforms. Supports MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, Facebook, ICQ, MySpace and AIM (AOL) DroidIn: for connecting to LinkedIn Connect to your LinkedIn account to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. Stay informed about your contacts and industry. Find the people & knowledge you need to achieve your goals. Control your career online. Twitroid: for instant micro-blogging Twitroid is the industry-standard Twitter client for the Android platform. Easily access the famous free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables you to send and read tweets, publish short URLs and pictures. Deezer: for music streaming Enjoy 35 free web radio stations and the SmartRadio directly on your ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet. Dailymotion: for viewing and sharing videos Browse videos by searching tags, channels or user-created groups. QuickPedia: for access to Wikipedia Access to the free web-based and collaborative encyclopedia. ThinkFree Mobile: for viewing Office documents This application allows you to view, edit and create Microsoft Office 97/2000/XP/2003/2007 Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents. You will get a free update before year-end allowing you to also edit and create documents. E-mail & contacts Stay in contact by using the full integrated Email and contacts applications. Moov: toggles easily between your apps Moov wraps up your search needs all in one place, so you can quickly toggle between the product’s contacts, Google, Wikipedia and the remaining Applications on your product. CraigsPhone: for access to online classified advertisements CraigsPhone is a centralized network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements � with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, gigs, r�sum�s, and discussion forums. High Paying Jobs: for access to a list of jobs (US & Canada only) Browse through jobs lists directly on the Product. Search over 2 million jobs from all the leading jobsites. Add-ons DVR Station This accessory allows you to record TV, play video back to your TV and charge your ARCHOS. Recording your favorite programs has never been so easy. You can also surf the Web or stream web video to your TV while comfortably laid back on your couch using the included remote control as a keyboard and mouse pointer. DVR Snap-on Use our DVR Snap-on to record from almost any audio or video analog source when you are on the move. Mini Dock Transfer your files directly from USB keys, digital cameras, or other portable media players. Quickly charge your ARCHOS with the included charger/adapter. Play video out to your TV with video output in high quality S-Video or standard quality composite. HDMI Mini Dock Optimize TV playback with HDMI output quality. Transfer your files directly from USB keys, digital cameras, or other portable media players from the standard USB port. Quickly charge your ARCHOS with the included charger/adapter. Battery Dock Transfer your files directly from USB sticks, digital cameras, or other portable media players. Quickly charge your ARCHOS with the included charger/adapter and get extended playback with the built-in backup battery. Play video out to your TV with video output in high quality S-Video or standard quality composite. What’s in the Box ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet, headphones, Standard USB cable, DVR Station adapter, Quick Start Guide (QSG), legal and safety notice.

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Brand: Archos

Color: Black

Model: 501333

Customer ReviewsGeeks Archos 5The Archos 5 is an amazing machine, that has many features that if you learn how to use the Archos properly, it will become a very powerful tool. The uses are only bound by your imagination. Don’t be afraid to use some of the hacks on the machine such as the market4archos it is worth it. The one and only downside I have found after learning how to use the tool is extra things that you have to pay for to make work such as the HD videos. You must buy a plug-in for that and to use the Fm transmitter you have to buy a car mount along with the gps you have to pay for the activation. other then that the battery is great web browsing is very fast and easy. Now so you don’t have to go through the hassle I did to watch you-tube videos install this hack market4archos at […] trust me this hack is worth it. The hack gives you many programs one is the android market another is the you-tube app.

ps: .apk is the androids file extension

capacity at lastI’ve been using this model for a few days now and I love this device.

My first Archos product was a 40 gb MP3 player years ago — Over the intervening years I’ve experimented with just about every company’s portable media players, but I kept coming back to Archos (partly because Apple never offers machines with truly large memory) —

The main reason I got this was the 500 gb capacity, which neatly holds my entire, gargantuan collection of jazz.

(All the other music lives on an older Archos and one iPod classic).

Thanks to the good folk over at ArchosFan Forum, I learned how to access the entire Google

Android Market, so that I could install my Kindle app, etc.

Earlier this year I got an iPad so that I would no longer have to carry a laptop with me all the time.

Now I find that I am already leaving the iPad behind in favor of this pocket-size wonder.

True, an iTouch would do most of these things, but you can’t buy a 500 gb iTouch, and if you could imagine the price Apple would demand.

This is a beautiful device with a good interface —

Now, if Archos would just produce a 1Tb model!All perfect except the soundThis equipment is great in all the functions, installing software and incredible video quality and use.

The problem is the poor sound that have to send audio to another equipment or amp.Excellent Product! Its a part of me now!I bought this product two weeks and feel like I’ve had it all my life. I do everything on it. Its has a very nice screen with a resistive touchscreen which does have a learning curve but it works fine. After installing the Google applications, this is a thing of beauty because now I have access to most of the apps on the Android marketplace. I wouldnt trade this product for anything else at this point and would recommend to anyone looking for an Android device without the 2yr agreements via cellphone providers.Archos 32 GB internet tabletAfter reading all the negitive press, I waas aprehensive when the product arrived.

I followed the exact procedure to set up the devise.

I absolutely love this product-

it does exactly what it is supposed to do, quickly, efficiently and very well.

I do, however hope that Archos will continue to support and allow Android to evolve the devise to do more and more.

By design,the devise is very versatile and perhaps a bit quirky but what it does, it does very well.

Enjoy it!

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