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Comprehensive Wireless Solutions for Education

The market for wireless among teens and college students is exploding at a rapid pace. According to the Yankee Group, more than 70 percent of the teens will have wireless service by 2006 – outpacing use by the general population by almost 10 percent. Educational institutions that service students,professors, and alumni face a daunting infrastructure and financial challenge as a result of these trends. Acela Technologies offers educational institutions a flexible and multi-service wireless solution that addresses all their wireless application requirements. The Acela Technologies converged, wireless distributed antenna system is ideally suited to address the needs of the educational institution administration, professors, alumni, and most importantly, students.

Educational institutions are interested in deploying best-in-market wireless applications and technologies to maximize operational efficiency and most importantly, satisfy the wireless application needs of their demanding student base. Acela Technologies unlocks the promise and full potential of these wireless services by overcoming in-building, out-of building coverage issues, and ensuring dependable performance anywhere on campus.

Many educational institutions entered the local loop business because voice telecommunications costs made it profitable to do so. With the shift toward wireless communications among college campuses coupled with the fact that many students are more likely to use cell phones, text messaging, Internet/Intranet services, etc., the traditional source of telecom revenue is no longer viable. Acela Technologies eliminates the need for stand-alone in-building wireless networks to support each deployed wireless service or application. Our engineered solution provides ubiquitous coverage via a single converged, wireless distributed antenna system that handles all deployed wireless services in a cost effective manner.

More importantly, the converged, wireless distributed antenna system backbone is design guaranteed to enable educational institutions to easily and cost-effectively add services without disruption to the existing infrastructure or any of the existing operational services.

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Acela Technologies’ converged wireless distributed antenna system architecture is ideally suited for dynamic, wireless-intensive education institutional environments, offering advanced capabilities that cannot be matched by rudimentary discrete or parallel approaches:

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