How to Root Kindle Fire 6.3.2 on Mac

In this tutorial we will guide you step-by-step on how to root Kindle Fire 6.3.2 on Mac:

One may have heard about rooting an Android tablet. After rooting a device, you’ll attain full access to your entire system, and then can easily run all those unpermitted apps which you couldn’t previously since they need root permissions. Rooting will also assist you to manage app permissions, enable Tethering, and disable bloatware, etc.

ü  Through rooting this tablet you can get access into your tablet’s internal file system, and thus you can also make potent modifications in them.

ü  Rooting will also benefit by improving the performance and also by enhancing the speed of operating system of your tablet.

ü  One may feel some sort of irritation when he gets undesired default apps in his tablet by the manufacturers and that too without any uninstall option. In this case, using rooting you can easily remove the unwanted apps from your tablet.

ü  Through rooting you can update your tablet, without asking for permission from the manufacturer, using custom ROMs and upgrades.

ü  It will surely increase battery pack up of Android tablets.

ü  Rooting also enhances the visual experience of your tablet.

Like the previous Amazon’s tablets, it has also created a large user base or fan base. With an affordable price range, they also have provided some really good features with an elegant design and stunning look.

This tutorial will definitely work when rooting Kindle Fire 6.3.2 having android version 4.1.2 only. While working of it for latest android versions is not yet confirmed. On applying this update to another model or device may give an unwanted result. While applying this update we will not be responsible if anything occurs to your device, so continue at your own risk.

Just follow the simple steps given below:

For successful completion of this process charge your

device up to a minimum of 75% battery.

Please ensure that all your security suites, like firewall and antivirus, on your Kindle Fire 6.3.2 as well as on your computer must be disabled.

You must take a back-up of all your personnel items and other impotent data, such as Call Logs, SMS, Contacts, Audios, Images, Videos, APN (Access Point Names) settings, Bookmarks, MMS settings, on your Android device.

You must enable USB Debugging mode on your Kindle Fire 6.3.2. Just follow, Settings à Applications à Development à USB debugging. There select the USB Debugging icon.

If you have not, then you must unlock your Android device’s Bootloader. View here to know more about .

You must have rooted down your Kindle Fire 6.3.2 before applying this tutorial. You can take help from here to know more about .

You must have installed the latest  and  on your computer. However, note here that should be installed only when you have successfully installed the   on your computer.

You must install all the required USB drivers for your Kindle Fire 6.3.2.

Step 1:


binary method and unzip the files to any folder on your Mac.

Step 2:

Uninstall all of your previous drivers of Kindle Fire since it is an important part of this.

Step 3:

Now install Kindle Fire ADB drivers that you’ve got with your Kindle Fire on your Mac.

Step 4:

Now on your Kindle Fire open the Settings and then go to Security options & then enable ADB.

Step 5:

Now connect your Kindle Fire on your Mac using the factory cable. Wait for some time till the automatic installation gets completed and your Kindle Fire is recognized.

Step 6:

Now open the folder in which you had extracted the binary method and open the runme.bat file and select option 1.

Step 7:

Now, if this works correctly then you must be having an option for restore. Click on Restore my data, it will not remove your files or data so no need to be worried.

Step 8:

Now your Kindle Fire will reboot by itself. Do not unplug your Kindle Fire from your Mac.

Step 9:

Unlock your Kindle Fire and after a little amount of time it will be rebooted again.

Step 10:

Your Kindle Fire won’t reboot again and will behave normally as it was before. And if it does behave normally then it means your Kindle Fire is rooted.

Step 11:

Now at last go to the apps and there can find a SuperUser app there and if it does then your Kindle Fire is rooted.

So this is how you can root your Kindle Fire 6.3.2 on Mac.


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hm didn’t work for me.. Am I missing a step or do I not see ADB in my kindle security settings?

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