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Tutorial on how to update Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (d2spr) to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean using Chameleon OS (ChaOS) custom firmware.

Chameleon OS Android v4.2.2 Jelly Bean provides an immense exhilaration to those Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (d2spr) users desiring to enjoy the features of Jelly Bean 4.2.2 ROM. Chameleon OS, also known as simply ChaOS, is undoubtedly the most greatly acknowledged unauthorized Android ROM which is spreading at a very high speed and day-by-day they are increasing their compatibility with numerous old and freshly arriving Android devices from different manufacturers, including our Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (d2spr).

Many reviews show that Chameleon OS provides much more facilities than the official Android firmware. Installing Chameleon OS Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (d2spr) will enable its user to sustain in the Jelly Bean environment.

After installing Chameleon OS on your Android device, you’ll attain full access to your entire system, and then can easily run all those unpermitted apps which you couldn’t previously on the official ROM since they need root permissions. Chameleon OS will also assist you to manage app permissions, enable Tethering, and disable bloatware, etc.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (d2spr) is featured with 1.5 GHz Dual-core Processor, a RAM of 2 GB, and a 16/32 GB internal storage. Like the previous Samsung’s smartphones, it has also created a large user base or fan base. With an affordable price range, they also have provided some really good features with an elegant design and stunning look.

This tutorial will definitely work on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (d2spr). While working of it on other devices is not yet confirmed. On applying this tutorial to another model or device may give an unwanted result. While applying this update we will not be responsible if anything occurs to your device, so continue at your own risk.

Just follow the simple steps given below:

For successful completion of this installation process charge your phone up to a minimum of 75% battery.

You must take a back-up of all your personnel items and other impotent data, such as Call Logs, SMS, Contacts, Audios, Images, Videos, APN (Access Point Names) settings, Bookmarks, MMS settings, on your phone.

Please ensure that all your security suites, like firewall and antivirus, on Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (d2spr) as well as on computer must be disabled.

You must enable USB Debugging mode on your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (d2spr). Just follow, Settings –>Applications –> Development –> USB debugging. There select the USB Debugging icon.

You must have rooted down your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (d2spr) before applying this tutorial.

If you have not, then you must unlock your Android device’s Bootloader.

One must install a custom recovery image particularly for his Android device. To do this, you can download ClockworkMod Recovery or TWRP Recovery and then install it over your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (d2spr).

Step 1

Firstly, download a .zip file to your computer.

Step 2

Now, connect your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (d2spr) smartphone to a computer and then copy the above downloaded file “.zip” in a folder named as “root” under your SD Card. Don’t run or try to open this file, just copy it in the folder.

Step 3

After transferring this file, switch off your phone to enter into the Recovery Mode. For this just press the Down Volume & Home button simultaneously, and while pressing these buttons press down your Power button at the same time.

Step 4

Since you are now in the Recovery Mode, select the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option to wipe off all of the data and after doing it, select “Wipe Cache Partition” option for wiping off all the caches from your phone memory.

Step 5

Now, move into the “Advanced” settings and there select the “Wipe Dalvik Cache” option to wipe out “Dalvik Cache” too from your phone.

Step 6

Next, select the “install zip from SD card” option, and then select the “choose zip from SD card” option to browse into your SD Card. Now, navigate up to the downloaded “.zip” file for flashing it on your phone.

Step 7

After installing .zip on your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (d2spr), now install .zip file on your Android device. Since official Google apps are bundled only in official ROMs and not in custom ROMs (due to licensing issues), therefore after flashing a custom ROM on your Android device, you need to install GApps (Google Apps) separately particularly for your Android version only.

NOTE: GApps consists of various apps, such as GMail, Google Play Store, Google Search, Google Backup Transport, Gtalk, Google Calendar, Google Map, Car Home, YouTube, Google Music, Google Sync, Google Docs, and Google Voice, etc.

Step 8

Now get yourself back to the main menu by pressing back button and then reboot your Android phone.

Step 9

After this, you’ll have Chameleon OS ROM installed over your Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 SPH-L710 (d2spr) providing you an Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean environment.

Step 10

However, if you ever need to restore your old ROM just select the “Backup and Restore” option to recover back your previous ROM.


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