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In this article we will be telling you about how to turn off safe mode in Samsung Galaxy Smartphone2.7.0. Here are the complete details about the procedure.

Android Smartphone are an excellent way to take all your private and important files, images, data, and all other imperative data with you. Thus we can declare that it is one of the finest gadgets in our pocket which has plenty of information regarding you. Smartphone2.7.0 is featured with 1 GHz Cortex A-5 Processor, an Internal Memory of 4 GB and a RAM of just 768 MB. Like the previous Samsung’s Android devices, it has also created a large user base or the fan base. With an affordable price range, they also have provided some really good features with an elegant design and stunning look.

Coming to the point, turning the safe mode off in Samsung Galaxy S Duos is very easy as it does not require any hardcore task or method even it does not require any app for that. It’s a built in feature in the device. Actually safe mode is basically for checking up the device, whether any app is creating problem to device like hanging, freezing etc. It should be done before doing the factory reset of the device in order to check the root cause. Just follow the simple steps given below:

This tutorial is basically for Samsung Galaxy S Duos. Successful working of this procedure on any other device is still not confirmed. This tutorial’s application to any other device may produce some unwanted outcome. We are not bounded if anything happens wrong with your device after applying this procedure. So, if you want to go further then continue on your risk. Just follow the simple steps given below:

• Your device’s Battery should be fully charged or must be at least 80%.

• Take all the necessary backups of all possible things like: SMS, videos, Images, Bookmarks, MMS settings, songs, Contacts etc.

Step 1:

First of all, turn off your Samsung Galaxy S Duos, to do so press the power button and hold it for few seconds.

Step 2:

When your device get switch off. Then press the power button and when Samsung screen appears then hold the volume down button for few seconds. Doing that will turn on the safe mode on your device and you will see “safe mode” written in the bottom left corner of the device as shown below:

Step 3:

If you want to turn off the safe mode, then just press and hold the power button which is on the right side of the device.

Step 4:

A pop up will appear, in that pop up, select the option Restart.

Now safe mode will get turn off on your Samsung Galaxy S Duos. We hope that this article helped you.

Finished !!

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